How To Set Up Your New iPhone SE 2020


Did you just buy the new iPhone SE? Believe me when I say it was a wise decision. The brilliant iOS device guarantees quicker performance than you are used to plus better battery life. To make things easy for you after the purchase, we can help break down how you could transfer all of your information from your old iPhone to the new SE.

This could be an issue if you find out that you are out of iCloud storage or your mobile device has not been backed up for a while. Not to worry though, as long as your old iPhone runs iOS 12.4 or later, you can save yourself the iCloud stress and use Apple’s latest transfer tool. See How To Set Up Your New iPhone SE 2020 Easily:

How Can I Set Up Your New iPhone SE Easily:

With a fast scan of a code and a few clicks on your device, transferring your contacts, pictures, texts, and other vital information from your old iPhone to your new phone will happen. This is definitely better than paying for added storage.

With the fresh data migration tool that is simple to work with, just ensure you are patient until everything gets transferred.

What You Need To Set Up Your New iPhone SE Easily?

2 iPhones are needed, your old and new device, and they must both be running iOS 12.4. Access to a Wi-Fi network is needed as well.

Simply head to Settings > General > Software Update on your old iPhone device to ensure you are running the latest version of iOS 12.

Set Up iPhone SE 2020
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What Will Be Transferred During Your iPhone SE Set Up Process?

When you are done setting up your new device, it will basically be like a carbon copy of your old phone. Applications will be on one spot on your home screens, and settings, email accounts e.t.c will all be the same.

Using The New Transfer Feature For Setting Up Your iPhone SE:

With your old and new iOS devices turned on, unlocked, and close to each other, your old device will reveal a prompt asking if you wish to set up a new device.

Click “Continue” and then point the iPhone’s camera at your new device’s screen.

Adhere to the prompts on your new device, performing tasks such as typing in a passcode, setting up Touch ID or Face ID and agreeing to Apple’s T & C. You’ll eventually end up on a screen prompting to know if you wish to transfer data straight from one device to the other, or if you wish to restore from iCloud.

Choose “Transfer from iPhone” and adhere to the instructions. After that, your iPhone devices will take care of the rest. Ensure the two devices are close to each other, else, the transfer could be very sluggish.

It will take a while for the transfer to be wrapped up, depending on the speed of your Wi-Fi network and how large the data you are transferring is.

The default method will need you to use a wireless connection for the transfer. If you own a Lightning-to-USB 3 camera adapter and a Lightning USB cable, a wired transfer can also happen and it will be quicker. However, it does not make financial sense to purchase the adapter just to save yourself some minutes.

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