How to solve Win10 virus report manslaughter


We know that Win10 integrates Windows Defender, and users no longer need to install other antivirus software.

However, although Windows Defender is highly skilled (it has the highest rating of AV-TEST), it is inevitable to have manslaughter problems. For example, when the author tests various software, many small software from individual developers will be rejected by Windows for various reasons. Defender reports poison.


What’s more maddening is that Windows Defender in Win10 cannot be turned off manually! In Win7, if you encounter Defender/MSE false positives, you can temporarily turn off Defender, and then start the software after running, but this is not possible in Win10. In Win10, you can only manually add the falsely reported software to Defender again and again In the list of exceptions.

How to do? Let’s share a solution with you today!

Defender Control v1.6:

Win10 does not provide an option to turn off Defender in a prominent position (you can still find the switch by digging into the system), but it can be done with third-party software. This Defender Control comes from foreign developers, and its greatest function is that it allows you to easily turn off Windows Defender with one click.


The use of Defender Control is very simple. After opening the software, just click “Disable Windows Defender”. At this time, the protection function of Windows Defender will be turned off, and then you can run some software that will be falsely reported by Defender.

If you want to recover, just click “Enable Window Defender”.


In addition, Defender Control also has functions such as minimized startup, so I won’t introduce them here.


In general, Defender Control is indeed a very useful software. Turning off Windows Defender makes sense in many situations. In addition to the manslaughter mentioned above, when transferring a large number of exe files, turning off Defender can also significantly increase the transmission speed .

But also note that the latest version of this Defender Control was released at the end of 2019. It is not ruled out that it may become invalid with the update of the Win10 version. Please use it and cherish it.

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