How To Uninstall Google Play Updates

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How To Uninstall Google Play Updates.When purchasing an Android mobile device, you may notice that by default, it comes with a series of installed applications related to Google, including Gmail, Google Photos, YouTube, Play Store and more, of course, some will be more useful than others.

Over time, all of them will undergo updates, which will transform the interface and some usage options. It may be that for you, these changes are not positive or you simply consider the original version better , if so, today we will teach you how to uninstall updates from the Play Store.

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  1. How does uninstalling updates benefit my mobile device?
    1. Application failures
    2. Play Store stops
  2. How to uninstall the Play Store update from my mobile settings?
  3. What steps to take to re-enable Play Store as a download manager?
  4. What is the way to disable Google Play services?
    1. Causes malfunction in linked apps

How To Uninstall Google Play Updates

How To Uninstall Google Play Updates.

Regardless of your reasons for searching, it will eliminate the updates from the Google store on your mobile, the procedure is very simple and you can do it from the same configuration menu of your device, you just have to access “Settings”, there you look for the “Applications” section.

In the displayed list, locate “Google Play Store” access it and select ” Uninstall updates” , finally we hope you complete the process, this will be enough for your device to return to the version of Play Store with which it came from the factory. If until now you were experiencing an access error to the app, it is time for you to test if the error has been solved.

Steps To Enable Play Store As A Download Manager?

There is a possibility that even after reverting to the original version of the Google Play Store application, it still does not respond properly. Before you give up there are other options you should consider like freeing up storage, changing network connection and getting rid of download manager cache and data , for the latter:

  • Again, go to the “Settings” menu of your mobile
  • In the applications section we locate “Applications” again, we look for the “More” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From the resulting options choose “Show system apps”.
  • You will find the “Download Manager”, click on it.
  • Now in the “Storage” button select “Clear cache” and “Clear data”

If, for example, what you are interested in is solving the 504 error in Google PlayStore, you can carry out other procedures, but the usual thing is that after deleting the download manager data, the service failure of the app is resolved, so you can go check it out now.

What is the way to disable Google Play services?

Now, if you definitely do not want to have the Play Store app on your mobile device, that is, not to download any program from the catalog available in it, either because you prefer to use another store or because you do not find it necessary at all, then you can proceed to deactivate the application of your cell phone.

As an alternative, you may prefer to keep and download the Play Store for PC , by means of a couple of programs it is possible to carry out this action, with which you will be able to continue acquiring the different tools that it offers, just as if you had it on your mobile , but without the problems that you are now presenting.

Causes malfunction in linked apps

Consider first disabling the Play Store, since the proper functioning of other apps belonging to Google, such as Gmail or Google Maps, depends on it, so when you disable their operation, these apps most likely do not run properly or will not even start.

Now that you are aware of the implications and still want to get rid of Google Play, what you need to do is go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Application Manager” and check “All applications” locate “Google Play Service” and at open it select “ Deactivate ”, with this it will not work on your cell phone although you can activate it at another time.



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