How to Upgrade GTbank app to GTWorld With Ease

All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, banking institutions are keeping pace by offering mobile applications to provide convenient and secure access to financial services. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), one of Nigeria’s leading banks, offers two distinct mobile applications: the GTBank Mobile App and GTWorld. While both apps aim to enhance customers’ banking experiences, they serve different purposes and cater to varying needs.


In this blog post, we will delve into the key differences between GTBank Mobile App and GTWorld.

  • GTBank Mobile App:
    The GTBank Mobile App is a comprehensive banking solution that allows customers to perform a wide range of banking transactions directly from their smartphones. Here are some of its primary features:
    Account Management: Customers can view their account balances, transaction history, and statements. They can also generate and manage virtual cards for secure online transactions.
  • Funds Transfer: Users can transfer money between their own GTBank accounts, as well as to other GTBank accounts or accounts in other banks.
  • Bill Payments: The app enables users to pay bills, such as utilities, cable TV, internet services, and more.
  • Airtime and Data Top-up: Customers can easily recharge their mobile phones and purchase data bundles directly from the app.
  • Card Services: The GTBank Mobile App offers card-related features like cardless withdrawal, card blocking, and setting transaction limits.
  • Branch and ATM Locator: Customers can locate the nearest GTBank branches and ATMs using the app’s interactive map.

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GTWorld is an advanced mobile banking app that provides customers with a personalized and seamless banking experience. It offers several features that go beyond basic banking transactions:

  • Biometric Authentication: GTWorld supports biometric login using fingerprint or facial recognition, providing enhanced security and convenience.
  • Personalized Interface: The app offers a customizable home screen that allows users to prioritize and organize their preferred banking features.
  • Quick Navigation: GTWorld simplifies navigation with a swipe-to-transact feature, enabling users to perform transactions swiftly.
  • Request Money: Users can send personalized payment requests to friends and family via social media platforms, email, or SMS.
  • Social Banking: GTWorld integrates social media platforms, enabling customers to carry out basic banking activities while staying connected with their social networks.
  • Mobile Wallet Services: GTWorld includes features such as GTPay, which allows users to make seamless payments at select stores using their smartphones.

Difference Between GTBank Mobile App and GTWorld

Functionality: While both apps provide core banking services, the GTBank Mobile App focuses on a broader range of traditional banking transactions, whereas GTWorld emphasizes personalized experiences and social banking features.

Interface: GTWorld offers a more personalized and customizable interface, allowing users to tailor the app to their preferences.
Biometric Authentication: GTWorld incorporates biometric login options, enhancing security and convenience.

Social Integration: GTWorld integrates social media platforms, providing users with additional features to interact with their social networks.

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GTBank Mobile App and GTWorld are two distinct mobile banking applications offered by GTBank. The GTBank Mobile App covers a wide range of banking transactions, making it suitable for customers seeking comprehensive banking services. On the other hand, GTWorld offers a more personalized and socially integrated banking experience, appealing to users who desire a customized interface and features that blend banking with their social networks. Understanding the differences between these two applications allows GTBank customers to choose the app that best aligns with their individual banking needs and preferences.

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