How to use Camtasia Studio to create your video intro

How to use Camtasia Studio to create your video intro.Camtasia Studio is one of the most popular software to record or capture a computer screen and then edit it among content creators; This is because, through the program, they can create videos or tutorials to share ; In addition, it has very basic features in its interface that allow easy editing.

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Now, to generate vital elements such as intros in a video, with Camtasia Studio you can do it. Such that, the intros are images that mark the beginning of a video with a simplicity and style of each content creator, in order to attract the attention of the viewers so that they continue watching the video.

How to use Camtasia Studio to create your video intro

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  1. What kind of information should you include in your video intro?
    1. How to choose the background and main theme?
  2. How can you start making your intro with Camtasia Studio?
    1. What icons and effects to add?
  3. What is the way you can save your Camtasia intro?
    1. What to do to add it in your videos?

What kind of information should you include in your video intro?

To start producing your own intro you must take into account key elements or information such as the type of animation you want, if you want your intro to have a still image or a static element with your logo and brand name, or perhaps you want more movement. On the other hand, sound is also an important element to study, because you must choose the music track that you want to accompany well, so that said song will generate an impact on the audience that can influence moods.

In the same way, try to keep your intro short so that your audience doesn’t easily get bored by watching it multiple times, the ideal length is 5-10 seconds. Take your brand identity and with it create the combination of colors, background, music, images and text to create the intro for YouTube.

How to choose the background and main theme?

The background to produce an intro for a video is one of the main attractions that will have a significant impact on the viewer, since it is one of the first things that the public will notice. So, choosing the background for your YouTube video should reflect the personality and ideal of the channel; you can start by creating the design as a GIF from popular free apps like Giphy, Offeo, Gfycat.

Regarding the main theme, start by considering what role or function the music is going to create in the project, that is, the music must convey information about something or it must only create emotion. In addition, the music must be in accordance with the target audience, so the musical genre must fit with the public and without breaking the schemes of the video.

How can you start making your intro with Camtasia Studio?

First of all, start by creating a sketch where you can place all the elements that you like and that are related to the rest of the video to start running a count of which ones you will leave and which ones to replace. Now, open the program on your computer and select the editing mode.

When you create the new project you should ‘import media files’ of your sketch that are going to be used in your intro, go ahead and set the length of the video, no more than 10 seconds. Well, organize the materials within the timeline in the order you want them to appear and you can add text, effects, filters, transitions, music.

What icons and effects to add?

Everything you want to add to your video will depend on the sense of the channel and your taste; but, among the most used icons are the YouTube to subscribe, social network icon, call icons, emojis, and the most important, the icon of your channel.

While with the effects you can play with the entrance and exit transitions for each image, sticker, text or video that you place inside the intro; effects like zoom and dispersion are the most used in Camtasia. However, you can keep trying until you find the one that suits you best.

What is the way you can save your Camtasia intro?

When you have your video editing ready, all you have to do is save it so you can use it in your intro; To do this, within the Camtasia Studio program you must go to the top where it says ‘share’, there select ‘local file’ and ‘OK’, then you can choose the dimensions , format and description of the video, the qualities, and the different ways to export and share the video.

So, if you want to upload it to YouTube you must save it in mp4 format only (up tp 720) , well, it will give you good quality and it will not weigh so much, this is important, especially if it is a video intro, because you will always use it in your videos , although, you could save it in a Camtasia type file to be able to open it later and edit it; Finally, to finish the export you must press next and there put the name of the video and choose the folder where you want to save it to finish the process.

What to do to add it in your videos?

If you saved the intro as a Camtasia file you can easily open it and continue editing on top of it and add the necessary media files to finish the video. Now, if you have your video ready and all you have to do is add the intro, you can do so by importing it as another multimedia file.


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