How to Use Proxies to Collect Data for Market Research

Almost every brick-and-mortar business has experienced a digital revolution and operates online. Although it’s not easy to run an online business, it opens opportunities for businesses, and more opportunities mean more competition. Before making any moves, companies need to think critically to stay current and competitive. Today, organizations rely on market research to improve their decision-making process. This article examines how businesses can use proxies for market research and their importance.

What’s Market Research?


Market research refers to conducting customer research to determine the viability of a new product or service in the market. A market research strategy allows businesses to define their target market and collect and analyze feedback from different sources to make informed decisions. Now that market research is clearly understood, let’s look at the top reasons why you should use a proxy while carrying out the exercise.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Proxy in Your Market Research

There are a number of reasons why market research is such an important activity when it comes to collecting data:

  • Targeted websites can’t determine your IP address

Proxy servers can mask your IP address while scraping data for your research. Besides, you can use different sets of IPs belonging to a distinct group of servers to hide your location; hence, the target website doesn’t recognize the multiple requests you’re making at once. Doing this reduces the probability of a ban on your IPs.

  • Quicker data acquisition with rotating IPs

Proxy servers use IP rotation to distribute a set of resources automatically and randomly. Additionally, IP rotation brings many benefits when using residential and data center proxies. Since target websites allow you to browse and scrap the readily available information, you can collect data uninterrupted thanks to the IP rotation. They can’t detect any web scraping or robotic activity.

  • Protection from malware and phishing threats

Scraping data from the internet is not easy for everyone; special scraping software comes into play when we need to collect large amounts of data online automatically. Using scraping software exposes you to different threats. For instance, retrieving data from a website infested with malware could affect your device, and hackers can use this to gain critical information on your work.

Best Market Research Proxies

When conducting research, finding the best proxies is always crucial. What matters the most is making appropriate and successful use of them. Although there are various types of proxies in the market, a few fit the bill of working in specific scenarios, such as market study. To this end, some of the best market research proxies include:

  • Residential proxies
  • Datacenter proxies

When choosing a suitable proxy, certain factors come into play. Ideally, you should pick one that works best for your goals. For instance, you can pick residential proxies from multiple locations worldwide. On the other hand, data center proxies outperform residential proxies in fast response rates.

Tips for Choosing the Best Proxy for Market Research

To run an online business, you must conduct a thorough research by analyzing relevant data. The benefit of this can’t be underscored since it informs you about your customers’ purchasing habits and competitors’ plans over several locations. As more businesses go online, the competition will become harder. Thus, to get up-to-date information, you need to gather enough data. Below are factors you should consider when choosing a proxy server for market study:

  • Reputation and reliability

To work with a reputable and reliable proxy provider, you should read users’ feedback and reviews online. Note that you want to conduct your research without worrying about legal or ethical issues; hence, you can only get better results if you pay attention to this.

  • Connection speed

When choosing the best proxy network, speed plays an integral role. Considering you’ll be dealing with multiple platforms and a lot of data, you’ll want to secure as much speed as possible. Your productivity will take a big hit if you opt for a slow-speed proxy. It’s vital to be able to choose proxies by location that give you 70-90 Mbps for better results or compare by metrics to determine which one best suits your situation.

  • Rotation of IP addresses

Doing market research involves scraping web data, and for this to happen, you need to use different IPs so that website owners don’t flag you as a spammer. Therefore, having rotating proxies is a necessity.


Market research has been a big thing for a long time, and for you to get insightful data, you need to scrap more data and analyze it accurately. Proxy servers are the best tools to conduct your analysis and research online while also being able to access restricted sites and enjoying a boost in your privacy. Choose a quality proxy from a trustable provider and start scraping data to your heart’s content today!

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