How to use Unfold to change background color in an image?

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The publication of photos and videos on social networks has become a practice widely used by many people, to the point that not much knowledge is needed to do it. If you like to post featured content, then you need to use editing apps that can help you. With Unfold you can change the background color of your images . To learn how to do it, keep reading until the end.

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  1. What is the Unfold tool that you can use to edit the background color?
    1. The hand brush
    2. Default templates
  2. What should you do to be able to modify the color of the frame in your images with Unfold?
  3. How can you use Canva to complement your background editing in Unfold?

What is the Unfold tool that you can use to edit the background color?

Applications like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have their own editing functions for all their content, there is no denying that they are very good and you have a wide variety of options to add details to your creations.

In the case of Instagram you can cut photos or videos , add music, effects, filters and emojis. Each element gives a different finish to the original shot. You just need to know where these tools are and try them one by one.

Now, we must recognize that there are applications that specialize in the field of editing and can help you give your material a special touch. They can even help you rescue material you thought was lost, like blurry photos. With these applications you can give them the sharpness they need to be uploaded to a platform.

Another interesting application is Unfold, as its simple and straightforward design allows anyone to use it without prior professional training . Even if you have experience working with other editing applications, you can instinctively use it without any problem.

This application has a series of templates that can be adapted to the photos and videos that you want to share on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. In addition to the default templates, you can also give your creativity a try and create your own designs.

Unfold became popular with iPhone users , although those with an Android already have their own version, which has meant that many more people can use it. With this application you can add a text and change the background color of the images.

The hand brush.

This application does not require you to open an account or register as a user to use it, just by opening it you can enjoy its functions. It has an elegant and refined appearance, with an easy-to-use system and functions.

In Unfold, unlike other applications, you do not have a wide range of colors to change the frames , however, you have six options that can be very useful. To make use of these colors, you only need to have an image in the project.

When you want to upload a photo that expresses the emotion you want to convey, the first thing you should do is plan the details of the capture or search the images in your gallery for the one you like the most. With this in mind, open the application and choose from all the frame options the one that best suits your preference.

Then, you must locate the photo in question and add it to the current project. This will make you see on the screen an icon in the shape of a pentagon in the lower right corner, if you press it you will be able to choose the manual brush, to put the color you want on your images. You only need to press the brush on the color for the change to be saved.

Default templates.

Unfold also offers you default templates that you can add your photos and a message to if you wish. You can publish the result on any social network. In order to access these templates, you just have to open the application and click on the + symbol at the top.

Here you will be prompted to name the collection you are about to create. Then the screen will be blank and you will see the + symbol at the bottom, if you press it you will be able to choose from the menu all the models that exist on this platform. To see them all you just have to slide from left to right or vice versa and click on the one you like the most.

What should you do to be able to modify the color of the frame in your images with Unfold?

As we mentioned before, Unfold is a good editing app, especially for those who have little knowledge in this field. One of its less attractive options is to change the color of the frame of the images.

However, it must be clarified that the disadvantage is based on the few colors that it offers to execute the change, but it does not mean that the application is not competent enough . If you’re starting your editing career, Unfold’s six colors are a decent number to start with.

You just have to create a collection, just like when you prepared a physical photo album. To start you must select a frame and an image, if you have any problems you can contact technical support .

How can you use Canva to complement your background editing in Unfold?

If you have in mind another color that Unfold does not have available, you can use other applications such as Preview, with which you can customize the colors of your frames with a wide variety of colors. Also, you can make a color transparent and use it as an overlay on the image. You can also add stickers or emojis.

Another app that is very famous for its versatility is Canva , you just need to have an account on it to be able to use it. To add a background color to an image, you must go to the main screen and select the image you want to modify. Then choose from the colors the app has or use one of your own.

You also have the option to choose a custom color, entering its code if you know it. Unlike Unfold this gives you many options to let your creativity run wild. Canva is available for iOS and Android.


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