How to use Your Smartphone as Your Computer Mouse and Keyboard

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Do you know that you can use your android smartphone as a mouse, keyboard, Touchpad and Navigation control for your PC(Laptop), that’s to say that you can remotely control your pc from a distance as long as you have your android phone in your palms, this post will guide you on how to accomplish this with few software and tweaks. read on.

Since the creation of smartphones is its Android, IOS, Window, etc they have been improvements to server them in the manner they would work perfectly with our computers (Laptops and Desktops) some added features are not limited to USB tethering, Wifi Transfer, ScreenCast, etc, with the aid of most of these features interconnecting our android smartphones with a PC has been made fun and easier, nevertheless they are still more to come.

Controlling your PC from your android smartphone has never been made this easy, in a situation that your keyboard, trackpad, or mouse is faulty you can skip the hisses, and use your android smartphone in place of those If you are streaming a video from a distance you can conveniently reduce the volume, replay, change streaming service from position, saving you some stress and energy.


Lets to go straight to the point already, To be able to control your pc from your android smartphone you need the aid of a third-party app and software, they are tens of its apps on the internet, we, however, chose the best for this article so you don’t have to do the searching, all you need do is download and set them up.


How To Control Your PC(Touchpad, Mouse, Keyboard)From Your Android Or IOS Smartphone

Here is how you can control your pc from your android or IOS smartphone, this control gives you access to the touchpad, mouse, keyboard, windows key, home button, power, sleep and restart button to name but a few, here we go:

1~Firstly; download and install Remote Mouse Application,

Download for Andriod,
Download For IOS(iPhone)

2~Download and Install the Windows or max Sofware From here and install on your PC


3~launch the app to continue then Connect the mobile app to the PC app.

The app gives three methods of connection namely;

1. QR Code: with this mode, you can connect both devices by scanning the QR code on the screen of the PC using your smartphone.

2. Connect Via IP address: in this mode, you need to turn on your hotspot on your smartphone ( data connection not required) and connect your computer to the same network. Once the connection is established, open the app on your android, click on the Plus sign (+) located at the top right corner of your smartphone to find and select the IP address option. Launch the remote mouse on your PC, click on IP address to see your Computer’s IP address and then type the address into the space provided in the Smartphone (make sure the numbers are right so as to get a successful connection) then click connect if you did it rightly, you should get connected immediately.

3. Auto connect: in this mode, both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (so you need another device that will host the connection) once both devices are connected to the network, open the app and you should be connected automatically.


After a successful connection, a green touchpad-like interface will now appear on the screen of your phone plus a guide on how to navigate within the app to be able to control, now you can conveniently control your pc from a distance with your android or IOS smartphone

How To Use Your Smartphone As Your Computer Mouse And Keyboard

The Remote Mouse app has a bunch of other features like full keypad Navigation, Social media buttons, Music and Movie dedicated keys, voice typing, etc which can be unlocked with an in-app purchase, the free basic version has the basic controls.

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