How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch 2021

Apple Watch is a great device to wear on the wrist. It allows you to make/join calls, send and receive messages, view and navigate to locations, play music, track workouts, and more. You can perform all these actions without touching your paired iPhone.

Despite having many advantages, Apple Watch lacks support for playing YouTube videos. But there are walkarounds available for watching YouTube videos from your wrist. If you are curious to know how to do it, here is the guide in detail.

Youtube On Apple Watch

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, Apple Watch doesn’t support playing YouTube videos from a link or URL. The only possible way to watch YouTube videos or any other video on Apple Watch is to embed and send YouTube videos via text message or iMessage.

  • Make sure your Apple Watch is enabled to receive notifications.
  • On your paired iPhone, open the YouTube app and download the video you need to watch on Apple Watch.
  • Embed the downloaded video in a text message or iMessage.
  • Send the message to yourself from your iPhone. You can also ask others to download and send videos via SMS or iMessage.
  • When you get the notification on Apple Watch, tap the video thumbnail to watch it. Use the digital crown to adjust the video volume.
  • A simple tap on the screen pauses the video. Tap again to watch the video.
  • Tap Done to close the video. You can also watch the video from the Messages app at any time.

Note: The only drawback this method has is that depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take longer to send messages.

Our opinion

While not having official YouTube support, the guide above allows you to easily watch videos from your wrist.

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