How To Get: Airtel Smartcash PSB 5GB Free Data

If you’re one of those Airtel network users then you can stand a chance to get free 5 GB data on the Airtel Smartcash PSB app.

This year is more or less like an application that will be called relating to MTN MOMO app,  airtel now also wishes to bring people to notice their own depositing and withdrawing of money app which is also known to be a bank app.

With Smartcash PSB app you should be able to get 500 MB 1 GB 3 GB and even 5 GB free data if you carry out certain transactions on the app that we are about to share the Knowledge with you.

The free Data you are about to get or that he will get something related to the registration bonus or bonus that you join the Smart Cash PSB app that has been designed by Airtel.

If you wish to get the full list of this article then you shouldn’t stop reading it for we are going to be sharing with you everything you need to know about the Airtel Smartcash PSB.

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Airtel Smartcash PSB (About Them) 

The name of the herb implies smart card is said to be a payment service that is designed to be a bank, it allows people to manage their resources like money on this platform.

They have been designed to provide you with a reliable banking system that has been backed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

That is also said you can also find their headquarters in Lagos Nigeria.

Their main objective is to provide this kind of plant to ensure people get some financial services through a banking system.

Basic Features Of Smartcash PSB

One of the main features of the Earth smart cash PSB which is known to be a smart casual Earth is to send money.

Which ones you make use of the platform will be granted a Wallet account that serves as a bank on your mobile device.

Apart from sending money, you can also receive money through this platform with the help of the mobile app.

You can use your account to receive money from any bank around the nation.

Another feature is to use the app to purchase airtime to your favorite number or any network provider using your smart cash wallet.

The withdrawal feature all the withdrawal option is not left outside on this platform you can also use it to withdraw money or withdraw cash when you are cashless.

Payment of all the bills like utility bills, purchasing of data and to pay order related bills can also be done on this app or on this platform which is what it is designed to be used for.

How To Join Smartcash PSB And Your Free 5GB Data 

Once you join this platform or before you can think of yourself to be a member of this platform you will need to download the app and register as a member.

Which ones do you register as a lender and make yourself or do you make your first deposit ranging from 1,000, 2000, 3000,

1000 should give you a 500MB registration bonus and 2,000 deposits should give you 1GB registration bonus. Likewise, once you deposit 30,000 you should be able to see 4GB as your registration bonus which is data, and so on.

You can learn how you can download and register the app below.

How To Download Sign Up On Smartcash PSB App

  • The app is designed to be available on Google Play store or app store which you can download from there.
  • After you download and install the app go ahead to open it and use the sign up button to register by providing your phone number.
  • Then you will be out for a one-time password OTP for verification once you provide it your account should be opened.
  • You are asked to set your security question then you can log into your new smartcash PSB account from there.

Your expression has been completed. The next thing is to get your smart cash account number and deposit it straight away so as to get your free data.

How To Deposit On Smartcash And Get Free Data

Only the first position that is made on this platform smart cash will get you your registration bonus or joining bonus.

Your smart cash PSB account number is the phone number that you use to register, omitting the zero that starts the phone number.

If your number is 08143703493 then your account number is 8143703493.

And the Bank Name is Smart Cash Payment Services (Smartcash PSB).

You can now use the account number to make your first deposit straight away ranging from one case who has to get 500 MB and more of 50k so as to get 5GB of data for free on Smartcash PSB.

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