7 Best Apps to Use for Your Google Chromecast

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We surely live in an era of marvelous innovations, but a company like Google shows no sign of stopping and still maintaining the spirit of innovation year by year. It’s another creation Google Chromecast that has transform the way we use to watch Television, is not less than a great invention.

It’s a reliable and economical way to stream media right on your TV screen. It isn’t a box, it’s a tiny USB thumb drive which lets you watch videos, photos, play music, games etc. and you can also use different type of apps on your TV.

Just- Plug, Connect & Watch with Chromecast supported Apps!

Must Have Chromecast Apps for Android/iOS

Get started with the easiest and cheapest streaming device- Chromecast TV and its compatible apps.

1. Netflix (For Unlimited Video Streaming)- Netflix needs no introduction, everybody knows what it is and what does it do. The hundreds of TV Shows, Movies and more Netflix app should be on your top of the list when your making your Chromecast app collection. Select what you want to watch with your phone or tablet and let your TV do the rest. Watch amazing video content with TV getting your experience to another level.

If you are not a Netflix member, Sign-up with your phone and enjoy one-month free trial at your Chromecast TV. And admit it, Netflix is addictive!

Get this Chromecast supported apps on both Google Play Store & Apple Store!

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2. Google Play Music (The Ultimate Player)- Now you don’t have to go too far, in search of ultimate music player, when Google have its native app. Stream non-stop music either from your music library or from a massive catalog of on-demand music. Upload your favorite playlist from any music folder on your PC to Google Play and directly caste your top tunes. Access your playlist with the app and have your complete music collection at one spot.

Choose your favorite song and cast it to your Chromecast TV or speakers and groove on the beats!

Install Google Play Music for your Chromecast TV, right here!


3. BBC iPlayer (For more Entertainment)- This streaming service offers live TV, catchup and radio service, from all its subsidiary channels such as BBC News, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, Radio 1 and cBBC. This kickass app allows you to pause a program & then resume playback from the same spot. BBC iPlayer majorly comprises of sports content from the UK. But you can also watch latest TV shows, movies and news.

Just open the app, choose the program you want to watch and press play.

Install these Chromecast supported apps for both Android and iOS!

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4. Twitch (Live Game Streaming)- Twitch is every gamer’s heaven! This popular online streaming platform has been around but now it’s Chromecast enabled! Non-gamers would wonder why it is interesting to watch some else play when you can play games yourselves? Well, you do watch cricket and football, even when you can’t play yourself. So?

With Twitch, turn your big TV screen into a gaming theatre and experience live game streaming at next level! Whether you are enthusiast about eSports, gameplays or watch Super Mario World in 27 minutes, then this is the place for you!

Go live with Twitch and show your talent gamers!

Download this Chromecast app for Android!

Download this Chromecast app for Apple!

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5. Udemy (Learning at next level)- Learn every day something new with Udemy online courses. Udemy is very famous in the world of online learning, explore 80,000+ courses. From designing to science to marketing to personal development, you’ll find every everything here. Download the app on your device, and make sure to have same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast TV. Select the course you want to watch on your big screen. And that’s it you’re ready to cast!

Get Udemy app, as you just found the best way to accomplish having lessons on the TV and being able to work on your laptop simultaneously.

Download for Chromecast app for Android/Apple!

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6. Pocket Casts (For Podcast Lovers)- One of the most popular Podcast app of all time. Find, Download and Organize your Podcast playlist on your device and Chromecast TV. The app supports both audio/video podcast. It has a huge collection of podcast in numerous languages to choose from. You get daily recommendation on the basis of your listening behavior. Apart from that there are many features like syncing support, auto-downloading, applying themes and much more. The only downside is that it’s not available for free.

Click the Chromecast button and listen to podcast on big speakers. Download the feature-packed Podcast app for both Android and Apple!

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7. VRV (Best for Anime Fans)

The most awaited app is now compatible with Chromecast. Make some room for your kids, and get them consume some amazing anime content. Not only Anime but there are tons of other shows based on science and tech you can watch. Get their gorgeous premium package of channels and roll out to your favorite channels like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, Nerdiest and much more. This is an outstanding app to satisfy your obsession to jigsaw puzzles, anime and other game videos.

VRV is available for free on both Google Play Store and Apple Store!

Source: VRV

With these amazing apps, get the most out of your Google Chromecast TV. Any other favorites that we missed? Share it in the comment section below!

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