12 Best Location Sharing Apps For iPhone (2024)

Best Location Sharing Apps For iPhone

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Location sharing on an iPhone has never been simpler, thanks to location-sharing applications. If you would like to share your exact address with friends or family, you can install one or more location-sharing apps on your iPhone. You can track the whereabouts of your loved one using location-sharing applications from third parties if you choose not to reveal your location. Let us look at the best free location-sharing apps for your iPhone.

The Best iPhone Apps for Location Sharing

Therefore, this post may be helpful if you’re looking for the finest iPhone apps to share your location with loved ones. The best location-sharing apps are listed below. Nearly every program is free to download from Apple’s official App Store. Let’s investigate the apps.

1. Glympse – Share your location

With the Glympse app, you can share your whereabouts in real-time with friends, family, coworkers, and more for a brief period. It provides a visual response to the query, “Where are you?” Glympse is one of the best location-sharing apps that enables users to temporarily but safely, and securely share real-time location information.

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2. iSharing: Share Live Location

A real-time locating service is offered by the iSharing app from iSharingSoft, which enables family members and close friends to converse and exchange location information in private. With simple tracking and alerting messages, iSharing seeks to assist parents and caregivers in lowering their level of anxiety regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones. In addition, iSharing provides a few more functions including text messaging on a map and issuing panic alarms in case of emergency.

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3. Share Location: Phone Tracker

Another one on the list of best location-sharing apps is Share Location which is a marvelous iPhone location-sharing app. With the help of this app, you can quickly share your location in real-time with friends and family via email or phone number. This app allows you to see previous location history, find friends and family, get alerts when loved ones are close, along with more features.

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4. Life360: Find Friends & Family

Life360 isn’t just a family tracking and location-sharing app. Rather, it’s an app that uses cutting-edge capabilities to safeguard and connect the people who are most important to you to strengthen your family bonds. You can use Life360 to show your family’s current location on a map or to share your location with them. The app even has the option to notify you when a loved one enters or exits one of your designated safe places.

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5. FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

Using the location monitoring software FollowMee, you can turn your iPhone into a GPS tracking gadget. The iOS device you wish to track only needs to have the FollowMee app installed; the app will take care of the rest. After the app is installed, you need to track the devices using it by logging into the FollowMee website on your laptop or mobile device. Multiple iOS devices can be tracked with a single FollowMee account.

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6. Google Maps

Although most people use Google Maps for navigation, many are unaware of its location-sharing capability. You can share your current location in real-time with someone who has a Google Account using Google Maps for iPhone. Even before sharing your location, Google Maps, which is undoubtedly one of the best location-sharing apps, gives you the option to control who can find you and how long to share it.

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7. WhatsApp Messenger

The most widely used instant messaging app isWhatsApp, and it has a plethora of helpful functions. You may easily share your location in real-time with pals using WhatsApp for iPhone. Sharing your live or current location on WhatsApp for iPhone is also rather simple. Perhaps you want to share your whereabouts when you’re not at home with your family so they feel protected, or you want to tell someone your address.

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8. Messenger

It may come as a surprise to some, but Messenger also offers real-time location sharing. The feature is accessible on mobile devices but not in the web version of Messenger. You can use the location-sharing function in Messenger discussions to let friends and family know where you are in real-time. Conveniently, the feature lets the other person know where you are and when you’ll be back. You can also specify a timer for the live location, and location sharing will stop instantly after the countdown expires.

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9. Findo: Find my Friends, Phone

Moving on to the end of the list of best location-sharing apps we have Findo. You may see the precise whereabouts of other users using this real-time location-sharing app. To share a place, you have to make a circle and include the participants. Once finished, you can share your current location with the people in the circle. In addition, Findo lets you share location-specific data and other details like battery life.

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10. My Family: Find Friends Phone

My Family and the iSharing app mentioned above are rather similar, though. Similar to iSharing, My Family lets you share yours and see your family members’ current whereabouts on a map. You may share your battery charge levels with your loved ones, locate a lost or stolen smartphone, and more by setting up locations on the private family map and receiving alerts when your family members arrive or depart from those locations.

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Your Choice Of Best Location-Sharing Apps for iPhone in 2024

With these top location-sharing apps curated for iPhone users in 2024, individuals can experience seamless and secure ways to share their location. Leveraging these applications’ diverse functionalities, iPhone users can efficiently stay connected and share their whereabouts with ease. Do tell us in the comments section which app you chose and why.

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