12 Best Multitasking And Shortcut Apps For Android (2024)

Multitasking And Shortcut Apps For Android

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In the fast-paced world of Android apps, efficiency is key. Whether you’re juggling multiple tasks or seeking quicker ways to navigate your device, the right multitasking and shortcut apps can revolutionize your Android experience.

From streamlining daily activities to enhancing productivity, these 10 top-notch shortcut apps for Android are designed to simplify your interactions and make multitasking a breeze on your Android device.

12 Best Shortcut Apps for Android to Use in 2024

The right shortcut and multi-tasking apps can save you significant time and effort. Here are 10 of the best options for power Android users:

1. MacroDroid – Automation App

MacroDroid is a powerful automation app that allows you to set up customized shortcuts and workflows to streamline repetitive tasks. You can trigger macros via shortcuts, at certain times of day, custom gestures, location changes, and more. Simple macros automate basic tasks like toggling settings, while complex flows stitch together multiple steps.

With no coding required, MacroDroid makes Android automation accessible to average users. The app costs $6 but offers a generous free-tier feature set. If you find yourself doing the same tasks over and over, MacroDroid can save you hours every week.

2. Tasker – Advanced Automation Tool

Tasker by Crafty Apps EU is the most advanced, customizable automation tool for Android. The app offers unrivaled control for automating your device experience via triggers like time, location, gestures, and events. You can use Tasker to set up automatic workflows for changing settings, triggering actions, remote controlling devices, and more.

While the learning curve is higher with its UI complexity, it offers automation options other Android apps simply can’t match. With the ability to export and share tasks, you can benefit from tasks built by Tasker experts too.

3. Button Mapper – Custom Actions From Hardware Keys

Even with good shortcut apps, consistent access still requires touching the screen. Button Mapper multi-tasking app for Android provides customizable hardware key mapping for actions like app switching, shortcuts, macros, and more. If you want rapid functions without shifting the device grip, this app opens possibilities. You can override default hardware key behaviors at will, mapping functions like double press or long press too.

Integrations with automation apps mean you can trigger entire custom workflows with taps and holds as well. Do volume keys mostly sit idle when not adjusting audio? Put them to work toggling Wi-Fi, firing up the camera app, or any other behaviors instead. If keeping hands gripped while multitasking is crucial, Button Mapper unleashes unused hardware key potential.

4. Popup Widget – Floating Home Screen Widgets

Here comes the next pick on our list of best shortcut apps for Android. Popup Widget lets you create floating, movable home screen widgets to overlay whatever app you’re in. Simply create a widget with the app, resize it, and position it where you want. Now anytime you need access, you can tap it without leaving your current app screen.

Perfect for persistent access to tools like calendars, to-do lists, contacts, settings, and even the dial pad or calculator. You can set triggers to show/hide individual widgets too. While there’s some setup involved, if you have crucial information or tools needed regularly as you multitask between apps, Popup Widget 3 fills the need beautifully.

5. Bit Launcher – Search Apps & Shortcuts Fast

For the fastest way to launch applications and shortcuts on Android, Bit Launcher is an excellent choice. Instead of scrolling through home screens and folders hunting for apps, just activate Bit Launcher via swipe gesture or shake action. When it appears, just start typing any letters found in the app name and matching items appear instantly. Tap enter to launch the highlighted result.

Bit Launcher multi-tasking app for Android also provides excellent customizable shortcut creation abilities. If you know exactly what utility you want, just start typing, selecting, and taking action in seconds without any home screen hunting. Rapid access to apps, contacts, and shortcuts with minimal friction.

6. Niagara Launcher – Streamlined Home Screen

While not a typical multi-tasking tool per se, Niagara Launcher provides streamlined home screen management helping you save time when accessing apps and information. This lightweight launcher skips home screens entirely, using a powerful vertical list for app access. Frequent and favorite apps appear at the top automatically, while list and folder organization keep things organized.

The app pane conveniently shrinks when not in use, saving even more space for your current app view. In just a few taps you can search and launch contacts, settings, or shortcuts too. If you want simplified, efficient access to apps, contacts, and device utilities, Niagara Launcher delivers.

7. Taskito – Manage Tasks From Any App

Taskito offers excellent multi-tasking capabilities via its unique floating task management sidebar available from any screen or app. You can create task lists by project, set dates, add notes, and tag tasks for finding later. Assign priorities to items needing immediate attention. Then from any app access your full task list, create items, schedule events, set timers, and more without switching apps.

Collapse Taskito completely when not needed. If you handle lots of to-do items across apps throughout your day, Taskito keeps crucial task utilities constantly accessible in a lightweight, unobtrusive interface.

8. Pie Control – Radial App Switcher

Pie Control multi-tasking app for Android offers a unique circular launcher that gives rapid access to apps, contacts, and phone functions. Trigger the radial menu from screen edges via thumb gesture. Launch apps instantly by tapping corresponding slices, with the most used ones taking up more space based on the usage profiler. Favorites get prime real estate automatically. Swipe the center button to switch between the app, contact, and function wheels effortlessly.

Create custom app shortcuts complete with color coding too. If you want consistency for the fastest possible utility access without hand contortions, Pie Control is a top option. Radial layout keeps all features maximally reachable via natural thumb motions from any screen edge.

9. Super Status Bar – Ultimate Notification Manager

Super Status Bar delivers extensive customization options to Android’s status and notification bars for power users. Tweak appearance, content, and shortcuts galore. Change the number of status icons displayed, see network traffic stats, and handle notifications efficiently your way. Add brightness slider, auto-rotation toggle, app shortcuts, and more right in the status bar. Automate notifications with custom actions per app.

Super Status Bar turns Android’s most ubiquitous user elements into a powerhouse multitasking command center. Exactly what repetitive actions do you handle regularly? Now make many just a quick tap away.

10. Side App Launcher – Instant Edge Access Apps

If you want instant access to app shortcuts from screen edges, Side App Launcher has you covered. The app enables you to set up a customizable launcher along the left or right screen edge with dedicated buttons for launching apps. Just swipe inward along that edge anytime to trigger your launcher panel. You can add six apps by default, plus up to nine more from an additional page.

Support for third-party plugins means shortcut options to contacts, settings, and actions are almost limitless too. Positioning is configurable to balance visibility and avoid accidental triggers when reaching screen edges. If quick edge access for consistent app summoning fits your screen real estate best, Side App Launcher delivers.


Here are the 10 best shortcut apps for Android that you can put to best use. The beauty of Android customization means you can craft an individualized experience perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences. For managing workflows spanning apps and functions efficiently, home screen access often falls short. But by using advanced shortcuts, automation, multitasking, and launcher apps, you can build device interaction flows to maximize productivity.

Now you have the tools to keep them readily available anytime via floating displays, edge gestures, or just a few taps. Stop app hopping so much – streamline device interactions your way instead.

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