3 Best Tech Gadgets To Ensure Child Safety At School

Tech Gadgets To Ensure Child Safety At School

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Florida lawmakers have rejected the bill that demanded ban on semi-automatic assault weapons. Instead, they’ve approved the legislation that would allow teachers to carry guns to schools. Well, incidents of school massacre have been increasing rapidly due to ineffective course of actions. The recent school shooting in Florida, where a 19 year old expelled student shot 17 people dead and left many injured has left many shocked across the world. Such incidents are the worst nightmare for any parents, who see off their children to school every morning.

According to a report from The New York Times, 239 school shootings have taken place since 2012  with a total of 438 people shot, of which 138 were killed. Well, the study turns uglier when you go past 2012.

When we talk about the precautionary steps, there’s a huge list covering major aspects from security to students psychology. However, apart from keeping an eye on student’s social media accounts and appointing more counsellors in the schools, using technology to identify troubled students is another good way. Although, schools have been trying hard at their best, you can also use a few tech gadgets to ensure the safety of your children.

Today, we’re going to shed some light on some common tech gadgets that could ensure child safety at school:

1. Panic Button

Panic button has been in use since ages and has proved its worth everytime. You can get a panic button installed on your kids’ school bag or hand it over. With a little guidance on how to use it, your kid can pass on a threat signal to you without wasting a moment. The panic button informs you on your smartphone or other such device through various methods like voice, sms, alert etc. The panic button is widely available online and in offline market of the U.S.

2.Bulletproof Backpack

No parents would want their children to wear a bulletproof vest to school. However, considering the reports of school shootings, it is always better to be equipped. It is important to know that it’s okay to feel the need of such things as a little ‘too much’ because its human nature to feel safe. We understand that you’re not sending your kids to a war and it is okay to feel that way. But, when you get to know about such horrifying incidents, you definitely don’t want to be a part of it. There’re backpacks available starting from $199 that you can get for your children.

3. Tracking device

A GPS tracker is another great way to ensure the safety of your children. The little device can be planted anywhere in the bag that lets you know the exact location of your kid. It also alerts you whenever your child leaves from the school or from a certain location.

Overall, child safety is an important matter that must be given preference at school. When incidents take place despite all the promised security at school, it is the time parents must take a step further to avoid any such nightmare. Although, no one would want to see a situation where these gadgets come into use, but it is better to be safe!

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