How To Register and Withdraw From Busha App

One of the leading cryptocurrency apps, Busha celebrates Independence Day with Nigeria which makes them come with a promo giving out 2,000 to every Nigerian the promo is said to be tagged as Busha Independence Day promo.

The promo is available for people who register using the promo code if we give them 2000 if they actually use the promo code and follow the terms and conditions that are attached to the promo set out by Busha.

As it’s a new month and it marks the day for Nigeria to celebrate its independence on October 1st, 2023 Busha wishes to take advantage of this and celebrate with Nigerians.

But if you are visiting this platform you don’t need to visit just because you want to claim the bonus but you should know that it is a cryptocurrency platform or crypto-related platform that you can buy, sell, invest, and deposit any form of cryptocurrency on the platform.

Busha App

With the help of the Busha app, we should be able to carry out different transactions under cryptocurrency like buying to selling swap stores and spending different kinds of cryptocurrency, ranging from Bitcoin Ethereum Ada, and so on and so forth.

It’s just a cryptocurrency or Crypto trading platform that is based in Nigeria and other African countries that will help you to save any form of cryptocurrency in which to save via their mobile app.

Some of the features of the Busha app are stated below which comprises brief features of the app and what you can actually do with it.

Basic Features of the Busha App

  • One of the features of the Busha app is to make use of the Busha app to buy any cryptocurrency.
  • It can help you buy, sell, and even swap any related cryptocurrency ranging from bitcoin ethereum, and so on.
  • It also has a peer-to-peer training system which is said to be user-friendly.
  • Eligible to receive your withdrawal or payout to the registered bank that is provided on the app quickly without any delay.
  • Available wallet for storing different kinds of cryptocurrency which are 100% secure.
  • Cryptocurrency price tracking in a real-time system is available on the Busha app.
  • Specific time settings for buying or selling any cryptocurrency so as to take advantage of the market features.

Then all the features that are available on this cryptocurrency platform app or crypto trading platform app which you will know about once you download install registered on the platform.

But you don’t need to just read it and you need to take advantage of using the promo code and following the specific task so as to be able to get your own registration bonus or promo bonus on Busha.

How To Join Busha And Register To Get Your Own Free 2000

The respiration process on Busha history forward which you just need your BVN for the verification process some of that will allow you to complete your profile which is how you can join Busha, but you will need to follow every step we are about to start on the registration tab section so as to be able to get your own busha promo or get your own Busha free 2000.

How To Register On the Busha App

 The 2000 bonus or promo redemption start 12:00 AM October 1st 2023

Bonus redemtion being 12:00 Am registration can start then so as to get your own free 2000 bonus from Busha

The first thing you need to do before you can think of a registration process on Busha is to proceed and download the app.

You can go ahead and download the app available on both the Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS related devices.

After you have a restful download and install the app you can now go ahead to open it.

Once you open the app you click on the sign up button or you click on the register button and ask to provide an email address.

You can now click on I have a referral code section and select your country.

Your referral code should follow up with the promo code which is FREE.

Provide the space provided for each and proceed to the next page.

You will need to provide some personal information ranging from your username and verify your email address.

Once you verify your email address you will need to provide a four-digit code that can be used for your login PIN on the app.

Once you complete that you will need to provide some other information like your phone number, date of birth, and address.

After that is done the 2,000 promo and all the 2,000 registration bonus from Busha should be added to your account automatically.

What else is to proceed with the activation process of your account to Tier 2 so as to make you eligible to be able to withdraw on the platform.

This can be done with the help of your bank verification number BVN.

You can just click on the profile icon and select the level limit of Greater Level 2 then you’ll be asked to verify with your BVN.

After you have received your own 2000 you might be thinking of how you can withdraw it to your local bank the process that can help you withdraw the money to your local bank is stated below.

How To Withdraw From Busha App

You can actually draw using the withdrawal button available on the app but you need to follow up or you need to follow certain steps please include.

Click On the icon that is provided middle below the center of the app.

Click on the sell button and enter the amount of cash you wish to sell.

You can select a hundred percent of your balance you will withdraw or less.

Since the bonus seems to be regulated in BTC bitcoin then you will need to divert the currency to NGN.

So after you successfully sell the cryptocurrency then the 2,000 or the amount to select should be credited to your NG and account.

What is next is to select the Naira wallet section and click on Cash Connect.

Provide the amount you wish to withdraw and select a bank account to receive the fund.

Cross-check the transaction. I’ll confirm it.

The confirmation is done and you submit the transaction. What next is to wait for it to drop into your local bank account.


These are just a few things you need to know about the Busha Independence Day promo or bonus, apart from the promo that has been set aside by the last one they also have a referral program that can help me to end some commission once the person referred to the platform carries out up to 50,000 transactions.

You can also check that on your app or on the Busha app so as to confirm how the referral program works on the platform.

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