How To Change The Date Of Your National ID Card (NIN) By Yourself

You can now change Date of birth on your NIN and even do data modification by yourself on the NIN portal but it is not free. You will be asked to pay some certain fee to submit and make any corrections on your NIN profile.


How to Modify Date of Birth on NIN

Below are the steps to carry out the change of birth correction using the NIN self service.

1. First of all, one will go

2. Then a person will log in meaning to put his NIN and then “Log in”.

3. After logging in to his dashboard in the options he chose “Date of Birth modification”.

4. Then take to Paystack payment, ATM, Transfer or USSD to pay and back over ₦16,000 depending on PaySatck charges and mitum bank.

5. After payment “Payment Successful” will be added to the NPC certificate number “National Population Commission” and once it is placed it will pick the Date of Birth that is inside the NPC Certificate (meaning they use the Date of birth in the Certificate of Birth that a person has) if you don’t have. NPC certificate you can use this link to get

6. After the post and validate, the certificate should be uploaded, even if there is any required document, it should be posted.

7. Then submitting, after submitting the person will be given a slip for the change request, meaning it may take time to review the request, after approving, they will send a new NIN slip on the email and it can be downloaded on the dashboard.

NIN Data Modification SelfService

After following the steps above, hopefully the correction will be made then you can proceed further to download and print the corrected data.


Thanks for reading and hope this tips was helpful?

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