How to Check If Your Drivers License is Ready in Nigeria 2024

In the course of this article, we detail you on how to know whether your driver’s license is ready in Nigeria. In times past, this process was very tedious, but of recent, it has been made easy by the FRSC. The FRSC also is known as Federal Road Safety Commission have created various ways of checking your driver’s license status.  Another Modus for checking this is via the NDL (Nigeria Driving License) website.

How To Check Whether Driver License Is Ready With The NDL Website

  1. You start off by visiting the official website of the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). Their URL is
  2. Next, you click track DL Application status Click on Track DL Application Status
  3. You Enter your Application ID with your Date of
  4. Click on the search button
  5. Now, the information about your driving license status will be displayed on your screen.

How To Check If Drivers License Is Ready By Phone Using Code.

With your mobile phone, you can use a code to check your driving license status.

  1. Open a new message box on your device; then type‘ NDL STATUS License number then send it to the number 33811. Please note that this option is available for all networks in Nigeria. This Operation just costs N50 per text. It is way better than wasting transport fair or gas for your car, getting yourself to the FRSC office.
  2. After the message, you would then receive all the information you need about the drivers license.
  3. When you have gotten the confirmation that your driver’s license is ready, you can go to the driver’s license centre to get your ID. After this, you would be ready to enjoy a drivers life.

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How To Obtain New Driving License (Lost or Stolen)

Simply visit FRSCs official website. There you would see the drivers license menu and there you can out the information you are looking for. After this, check  the NDL status box. You can now proceed with payment with any online form of payment you desire. Afterwards, Proceed with Payment.

Can I collect driver’s license on behalf of someone?

Yes, It is very possible to such. All that is required is an authorization letter, then someone to pick up the letter on your behalf. You would need to include detailed information about the person who you have handed over the authority to collect your driver’s license. Now that you know that it is ready for collection, you can take your mobile device and check the status of your driving license.

Since you now know how to check if your driver’s license is ready for collection, you can take your phone and check the status of your drivers license.

How To Get An Original Driving License in Nigeria

It is not much of a hectic task when it comes to getting yourself an original/genuine driving license.

Well first and foremost, you have to attend a driving school. It is a good thing that the FRSC has a comprehensive list of all the accredited driving schools in Nigeria. All you now need to do is to visit the nearest driven school around your area. The duration if your learning could be months or weeks, depending on how quickly you can pick things.

After this, you will receive a learners permit. This would now certify that you are accustomed to the traffic rules of Nigerian roads. This permit also serves to notify other professional drivers not to mount pressure on you, even if there is an occurrence of an accident.

Next up, you would be examined by a VIO also known as vehicle inspection officer. this exam is a very practical one and is mean to measure and ascertain a that you learnt all that you were taught.

When you scale through your VIO’s umbrella, then you would receive a certificate of proficiency. You can get this online, or in the driver’s license centre closest to you.

Once this is done, you would get a temporary license that would serve a duration of two months. Within these months you would then receive your genuine driver’s license. The permanent license that you would receive would last for 5 years and it costs ₦30,000 to get it.

How To Avoid Getting A Fake Driving License

A lot of scammers claim to be intermediates that sell drivers license on behalf of the appropriate authorities. Well in this article, that has been rendered null with the adequate information we have provided. There are vendors out there that sell fake certificates.

Their are also some very corrupt official that would want to make the process faster, please be wary of them. Although, we doubt that it might work due to the Nigerian corrupt system

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