How To Reset Your Xbox One 2024

Is your Xbox behaving weird? Does it lag often and not work properly? Well to get it to the running state sometimes the only way left is to reset it and restore it to the default factory settings.

Factory reset is always kept as a last resort, as it wipes all the data, which means you will have to download and install all the apps and games that were purchased and installed before.

Is Factory Reset The Only Way Around?

It is always suggested to try other resorts before performing Factory Reset to avoid losing any saved data. Instead, you can go for a Hard Reset, which usually resolves most of the problems without risking save data. For a Hard Reset, simply press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

A reset can also be done through USB, in case the Xbox is not responding at all and users are not even able to navigate to the Settings.

Another reason for performing a reset is to intentionally delete all the information or games when users wish to sell their Xbox.

Factory Reset Xbox One:

To perform a Factory Reset, it is suggested to perform the steps provided below:

  1. Navigating to the main menu is the first and foremost steps involved in performing a Factory reset. Main menu in Xbox can be navigated in two ways:
    a) Press the Home button located on the Xbox One controller. Home button is a button designed as X and is present on the top center of the controller.
    b) You can also press the left bumper to reach to the home tab. Once done, press left of the d-pad.
  2. From Home, it is now time to navigate to the Settings. For this, press down the d-pad and scroll down to locate the gear shaped icon.
  3. Once there, press the A button to select the gear icon.
  4. Pressing the A button highlights all settings, to open the Settings menu, press the A button again. Next in line is the accessing the console information screen.
  5. For this, press down the d-pad to locate System from the Settings menu.
  6. Once there, press the A button to open the System’s Submenu.
  7. Press the A button again after the console information gets highlighted.
  8. In similar manner, navigate to the Reset Console option where you need to choose the type of reset you have to do.
  9. Choose Reset and keep my games & app if you wish to reset the firmware and want the games and apps to be intact.
  10. Choose, reset and remove everything if you want to wipe the complete data and set the system to the factory defaults. Press A to highlight the option and then press A to select it.

Once you have pressed the A button on the highlighted option, the system will reset automatically.



So, this was how you can reset your Xbox one to the default factory settings.

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