How to Turn-off Automatic Brightness in iOS11

With the upgrade to iOS11 it is now easy to adjust brightness by swiping up on home screen or lock screen to access the new and improved control center. From here you can easily increase or decrease brightness. But it will not allow you to turn off automatic brightness.

Automatic brightness can become a problem when you’re using your device in daylight and want to save battery. If automatic brightness is turned on and you are using your device in sunlight then it will automatically set maximum brightness on your device. Therefore, it is better to switch this feature off when you want to save battery power. Till iOS 10 there was an option to turn off automatic brightness under “Display and Brightness.”

Unfortunately, on iOS 11 there is no option listed under “Display and Brightness” to turn off Automatic brightness. So, has apple removed this option? The answer is No you can still turn off Automatic brightness here is how you can do this.

  1. Go to Settings from the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Next go to General and then Accessibility.
  3. Look for Display Accommodations. Probably it will be the fourth option from the top.
  4. Here you will see Auto-Brightness. Toggle the switch to turn off automatic brightness.
  5. That is all automatic brightness is now turned off Now you can customize brightness according to your choice. Next time whenever you want to turn on automatic brightness you can go to same Display accommodation settings and can turn on automatic brightness.

Not only this from here you can also change color filter and can reduce white point which reduce the glare of bright colors and thus you will have less strain on your eyes. But you should not tweak color filters because it may hamper the color settings of your iPhone.

You can also choose from classic invert and smart invert color theme. Classic invert inverts all the colors displayed on your iPhone screen regardless to media, Photos icons etc. On the other hand, if you will choose to have smart invert then it will simply apply a dark theme to your applications and UI. You will still be able to see your videos and photos in the original color theme.

This is how you can turn off automatic brightness on iOS 11 and can customize it as per your convenience.

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