How to Register your Vehicle with NPF e-CMR in Nigeria 2024

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The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has recently set up the Central Motor Registry Information System (CMRIS).


This application, will enable owners of motor vehicles to easily apply for information from the Nigeria Police Central Motor Registry regarding the ownership of their vehicles as well as other details that would be helpful for improving national security and conducting investigations into motor vehicle theft and recovery.

Since the e-CMR was established, owners of motor vehicles can now use an internet-enabled device to remotely share information about their vehicles, their ownership, and other pertinent details that will support a more digitized police.

Many Nigerian car owners are unaware of the procedures involved on how to use the e-CMR portal to apply for their CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificates.

The procedures that Nigerian car owners can follow to register for the e-CMR are described in this article by Nigerian Queries.

Furthermore, the benefits and advantages for Nigerians who register their cars on the e-CMR platform will also be addressed.

How to Apply for CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate Online in Nigeria

First and foremost, only internet-enabled devices—like personal computers or smartphones—may be used to register vehicles in the e-CMR website.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate organization, the following steps below should be complied with in order to apply for the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) CMR Motor Vehicle Information Certificate.

Step 1: Visit the official e-CMR portal at

Step 2: Click on Get Started.

Step 3: Create Profile Using Your NIN/Drivers License/TIN.

Step 4: If Your Profile Exists, Login Using Your Access Credentials.

Step 5: Provide Vehicle Details And Click Next.

Step 6: Confirm The Accuracy of Vehicle Details And Click Proceed.

Step 7: View Invoice And Make Payment Using Any of The Provided Payment Methods.

Step 8: Details of Request Will Be Sent to Registered Phone Number or Email.

Importance of e-CMR Portal

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) claims that residents who register their vehicles in the e-CMR programme reap a number of benefits.

Among these benefits is the fact that a digitalized CMR improves vehicle security by enabling the Police to prevent and quickly resolve vehicular crimes by using precise and up-to-date vehicle information provided at the time of registration.

Secondly, the Police are better equipped to enforce motor vehicle-related laws, like those pertaining to licensing and registration, thanks to the e-CMR.

In addition, the extensive database of the e-CMR portal will discourage would-be offenders from using vehicles for illicit/illegal purposes. The awareness that law enforcement authorities possess precise data can deter unlawful actions.

In instances of accidents or conflicts involving motor vehicles, the digitalized CMR will also aid in accelerating investigations, leading to prompt resolution and less discomfort for the public.

Furthermore, according to the Nigeria Police Force, maintaining accurate vehicle information helps ensure national security. It guarantees that automobiles connected to illegal activity can be located and dealt with quickly.

How Much is the NPF CMR in Nigeria

The cost of registering your vehicle on the Central Motor Registry (CMR) on the e-CMR portal this year 2024, is ₦5,000 only. This amount might be subject to change possibly in future

Things to Know about the NPF CMR

  • All other CMR certificates that the NPF has previously granted are now void due to the cessation of manual processing and issuance of all CMR papers and certificates and the transition to the digitalized NPF CMR portal.
  • You must be a car owner in Nigeria in order to be eligible for this NPF vehicle CMR registration.
  • This specific document isn’t free upon registration, and the document will remain valid until you give the car to a new owner.
  • Furthermore, The CMR vehicle documents is not renewed yearly like other vehicle documents.
  • Make sure all of your car’s documentation is current and complete at all times to prevent police harassment of any kind.

CMR Command Centers contact and Headquarters

If you have any questions regarding the registration of your vehicles on the CMR or anything pertaining to it, here are the CMR command centers phone numbers to call to answer your queries.

Centre Phone Number
CMR Headquarters 08117777555
CMR Command Centre Lagos 08117777555
CMR Command Centre Abuja 08117777666
CMR Information Centre Osun Command 09169948000
CMR Information Centre Abia Command 08117770160
CMR Information Centre Adamawa Command 09169923000
CMR Information Centre Akwa-Ibom Command 09169924000
CMR Information Centre Anambra Command 08117777443
CMR Information Centre Bauchi Command 09169925000
CMR Information Centre Bayelsa Command 09169925000
CMR Information Centre Benue Command 09169927000
CMR Information Centre Borno Command 09169928000
CMR Information Centre Cross-River Command 09169929000
CMR Information Centre Delta Command 09169931000
CMR Information Centre Ebonyi Command 08117770060
CMR Information Centre Edo Command 09169932000
CMR Information Centre Ekiti Command 09169933000
CMR Information Centre Enugu Command 08117770200
CMR Information Centre FCT Command 09169921000
CMR Information Centre Gombe Command 09169934000
CMR Information Centre Imo Command 08117779091
CMR Information Centre Jigawa Command 09169935000
CMR Information Centre Kaduna Command 09169936000
CMR Information Centre Kano Command 09169937000
CMR Information Centre Katsina Command 09169938000
CMR Information Centre Kebbi Command 09169939000
CMR Information Centre Kogi Command 09169941000
CMR Information Centre Kwara Command 09169942000
CMR Information Centre Lagos Command 09169943000
CMR Information Centre Nasarawa Command 09169944000
CMR Information Centre Niger Command 09169945000
CMR Information Centre Ogun Command 09169946000
CMR Information Centre Ondo Command 09169947000
CMR Information Centre Oyo Command 09169949000
CMR Information Centre Plateau Command 09169951000
CMR Information Centre River Command 09169952000
CMR Information Centre Sokoto Command 09169953000
CMR Information Centre Taraba Command 09169954000
CMR Information Centre Yobe Command 09169955000
CMR Information Centre Zamfara Command 09169956000

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