How To Withdraw Revotu Token Tow trading live at kucoin & Gateio

Good news for all those who participated in the revuto Airdrop. You can now trade your revuto token on kucoin and gateio. Good news eh!. but we will be discussing the trading process on kucoin because that is the exchange platform that most of our readers are fond of using to trade their major tokens or coins cryptocurrency.

Revuto token now listed on kucoin.

In the crypto world, airdrops seem almost extinct as you can hardly come across an Airdrop that pays these days. Unfortunately, when Airdrop was paying well, a lot of people were not paying attention to it. And now when almost everyone seems to participate in Airdrop, only a few of them pay (if you’re lucky to come across it). As you know, airdrops are strategies used to promote a new token or coin. It helps to get the crypto to as many wallets or users as possible. This way, the price of that token tends to spike up.

Revotu is a token on the Cardano chain and it was launched a few months ago. We shared it with you guys on our telegram channel. Users who signed up then we awarded with some revuto token and those who refer are also given some revuto token per referral. As this was ongoing then, most of us just did it for doing sake, while some just ignored. Some even forgot about it the moment they signed up. Well, it’s time to reap something from the revuto token. Now that the token is trading on kucoin, you can decide to sell yours off and probably get something for peanut. But I’ll advise keeping the token for the future. Who knows where their next stop is. Binance?

How To switch to the mobile app version of revuto

When it started, all you need to do is on the website. Now it has been moved to the mobile app. You can no longer perform any functions on the site unless you switch to the mobile app.

how to switch to the mobile app

  • Click here to get redirected to the revuto website or directly to Google playstore.
  • Download the app to your device. It is free to download.
  • Now sign in with the email address you registered with on the website. A verification code will be sent to your email. Provide it and login successfully.
  • That’s it. You’re now logged in.
  • if you are joining for the first time use aliyul91fcdg7r has your refferal code.

How to transfer your revuto token to kucoin.

If you decide you still want to sell off your revuto token, good. You can have some peanuts then. Follow the below step to transfer your token to kucoin.

  • Head over to your kucoin app or click here to download one and use 2K1cay1 has your referall code.
  • Tap on the assets tab and tap on deposit.
  • Tap on the search box and type in “REVU“.
  • The address will be provided, copy the address.
  • Now head over to the revuto app.
  • After logging in, you need to create a wallet that’ll hold all your revuto token. (only after creating wallet can you transfer your token to kucoin.).
Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, the writer was unable to successfully create a revuto token. This is due to some glitches with the revuto app which might be caused by much traffic. I suggest you hold on till all issues has been fixed with the revuto app to avoid possible loss of funds.

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