Yahoo lotto and grant format : bill your client and cash out

Yahoo lotto

Yahoo lottery and grant format is here now,i guess you have been waiting for it,what is lottery (lotto) and grant ?

According to Wikipedia A lottery is a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize. Lotteries are outlawed by some governments, while others endorse it to the extent of organizing a national or state lottery.
Also Grant is an amount of money given especially by the government to a person or organization for a special purpose: a student/research grant. a local authority/government grant.

This two are commonly in developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland , Germany and few others, so with this development Yahoo lotto and grant format have become source of cashing out from yahoo boys (gees).

In Yahoo lotto and grant format your work is to meet different persons online, tell them about the fake government grant and also fake lottery tickets they can use in making enough money for themselves.
We have two methods it either you use Facebook method or Email. At the end you maybe able to collect money from your victims or their credit card info.

Advantage of Yahoo lotto and grant format.

Easy and cheap.

This format is very easy to use, not much technical as long as you follow the procedures am going to show you and apply it very well.
Yahoo lotto and grant format is cheap no need of buying tools like other formats and also to see clients who are interested is not had since everybody needs free money.

Procedures to use Yahoo lotto and grant format.

Appealing matured online profile.

in many yahoo formats you must have a social media account account, same way with this one.
You must have a Facebook account old one is ok, or you can choose to work with Instagram. But then remember to make your profile look real with lots of pictures, posts and maybe videos of you, with this anyone you message will Believe you after checking your profile.

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Email and phishing websites.

This two are important and will make the work more easier, that is an official email example “” and also a phishing website page, when you sends the person a congratulation message about what he won, you may include the link of your website for the victims to click and register, as soon as he fills in the form in the website to register all his details including name, credit card number, address will be sent to you in your personal email then you can hack and withdraw money from his account.

If you need phishing website and usa email list cost is 25k or $80

Yahoo lotto and grant format with email and phishing website

Like i said before this one involved you having email address and also a phishing page website, your aim is to collect the victims credit card details and bank information, in fact this one easy die because you won’t be asking the person money directly , all you need is just take all bank details. With this you can use the card to buy bitcoin and order for phones online.

So how could you do that?.

You have a

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  • phishing website
  • Facebook account
  • Many USA citizen email address or
  • Usa WhatsApp phone numbers

If you are bombing with Facebook that means you will be sending message one by one but if you are bombing with mail or WhatsApp you can use software to send messages to thousands of persons at once.

The message will be like this

Dear Winner,

This is to inform you that your facebook online profile post has just WON in the
Facebook Lottery Jackpot 2018-2019,which was sponsored and organized by
Microsoft, Webmaster Inc. and Facebook Officials.
Subscribers to few Companies domains were selected and your e-mail address emerged as
one of the Selected facebook Winner and also the 5th from the 9th Beneficiary
to gain from this promotion. Below are your approved details to claim your winnings.

*********PRIZES WON**********

One Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars [$150.000.00]
One Facebook Medium Face-Cap
Facebook T-Shirt (medium, Blends with Cap)
Facebook Shopping Bag (Male Wallet)
Facebook Winning Certificate.

*********REFERENCE DETAILS***********

Online Ticket Number: 889-026-1319
Serial Number: 101-116
Facebook Winning Number: 31-U20-FB12

Type YES to process your claims.


Once he reply and type yes send him the link of your phising and instruct him to fill every details.

the website page will look like this

As soon as you see this message click this link >> , fill in the information correctly so we can immediately to facilitate your claims as our beneficiary

or you send him this to fill

Email or Phone
Full Name
House Number
Street Name
Biling Address
Coupon Code
Date of Birth
Mothers Maiden
Credit/Debit Card Number
Expiry Date
3 Digits on Back of Card
Postal Code
Email Address
Email Password

As soon as he fills the details you will receive it in your mail box, copy it and use it to buy things online.

Yahoo lottery and grant format with Facebook or Instagram account.

Facebook method (if you don’t have website)

You will first message the person and wait for reply, take it slowly step by step.

Hello how are you doing, hope you are good? Your profile looks so appealing and nice.

He will now reply after the reply send him another.

Am fine, Busy online Searching on what to invest my Grant Money on and

He will reply and tell you what he his doing,then send him another.

Good…Have you had about the federal government grant?

I know he will say no, so you have to explain what is all about.

This is specifically place for those who need assistance paying for
bills,buying a home, starting their own business, going to school, or
even helping raise their children with old and retired people,This is
a new program, i got $90,000 delivered to me when i applied for the
grant and you dont have to pay it back.. you can also apply too.

After seeing this and hearing the account, he will be more interested and ask you how to apply. Create a Facebook page (not Facebook account) use american name and update your page profile with another pictures different from the current one you are using to message the client.
Copy Facebook page link and send. Your reply will be like:

Once you click on this link it will lead you to the agent facebook
page just send him a friend request then message him to tell him you
want to claim for the Grant or Text him on his mobile (301) 284-8492 and let me know when you do so
I be able to put you through.

Also send

When you contact the agent, he/she will have to check on their automated
data base system if you are among the randomly selected people who can
get a Grant and then proceed to some other processes and have your
info and you will choose your Grant option and will have to pay for
the clearance of your file (case fee,file fee,label fee and shipping
fee) and once the cashier gets it and process your Grants documents
and certificates your Grant will be delivered to you the next day
after the confirmation by their UPS men

Wait to hear from him before sending the next step.

i was told to pay for clearance fee before the UPS can Deliver my Grant Money i choose 90,000 and the charges was 2000 that all i did to
get my Grant Money.

After this, first the clients may be wondering if this is real or scam , he may even ignore so you have to convince him by sending him this :

It is real, when a sister’s friend of mine told me about it I was
scared and wondered if something that could be this true would be real, and I contacted the agent and qualified and got my Grant money delivered to me after I passed all the process.

The Grant is from the office of the Federal Reserve inconjuction with
IMF and UNICEF to serve as an economic aid to all.
I mean a legitimate government employee or representative of the Federal government will not hesitate to provide a link to information concerning their agency’s purpose.

It was the UPS men that brought it for me after I qualified. You will have to go through a series of processes to check if you qualify and
once you qualify the agent will also tell you what next to do….It is
not like they will just give everyone a Grant…. They have an automated database that has saved everyone’s information. Once he checks and sees you qualified he will check and take you through the process.

Yahoo lotto and grant format continuation

It was sent to me through a certified mail check from their
headquarters through UPS…And I took it to bank immediately to verify
if it was real and legit..And bank confirmed to me that it was real.
He is the claim agent in charge of registering and distributing Grants. He’s the agent in charge.

Then if he click that page link and message the page , you will receive the message in the admin and starts acting like the agent .

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What can i do for you? How did you get on my private facebook page?

He will now explain to you that someone told him to contact you about grant (money)

I can help you to get the grant as soon as you are honest with me.Hope you have a good credit record?

He will now answer no or yes.


Give me your full name to check if your name is on our DataBase

After giving you his full name , wait for some time then send him a reply.

Congratulation on your grant as our verification team alerts that your data verification process was successful.

I will need to confirm some information before we can deliver your
grants to you in your home, the grants will be delivered to you as soon as the information required are duly filled:

  • Full name……..
  • Address……
  • Male/Female ………..
  • Age…..
  • Married/Single…..
  • Text or Phone Number…….
  • E-mail……..
  • Hearing or Deaf…….
  • Do you Own a house or Rent Appt……..
  • Do you want cash or check?
  • A valid copy of ID…..

Wait for him to send all the details , then after receiving it you reply.

Your application was forwarded to delivery department after the due processing by the administrative department,it shows that you are qualify to receive the grant and your Grants has been confirmed and the money will be delivered to you in next 24hours in Check. We will like to let you know that the money is tax free and you don’t have to pay taxes on the the Federal Government Grant. A certificate will be
issue to you at the point of delivery showing and telling you the money is tax free so you don’t need to pay taxes.

In the next 24hrs message him and tell him about the success of his applications and the next step to take.

We have verify your information’s and it shows that you are qualify to receive the grant,You are to choose the amount you wish to claim from
us,And you will pay for the Clearance fees.We will make every effort
to ship your order.

You pay $1,000 and get $50,000,00.
You pay $2,000 and get $90,000,00.
You pay $3,000 and get $100,000,00.
You pay $4,000 and get $150,000,00.
You pay $5,000 and get $200,000.00
You pay $6,000 and get $300,000.00
You pay $7,000 and get $450,000.00
You pay $8,000 and get $550,000.00
You pay $9,200 and get $750,000.00
Final you pay $12,000 get $1,000,000.00

As soon as the payment is facilitated through Western Union or Money Gram to our office your Grant Money will be delivered to you the next
24 hours .Let us know when you are ready so that we can give you the details you are to send to through western Union or Money Gram Store .

One more thing….Dont disclose your winning to anyone not until you get your Grant we do this to make sure real winners get there money we had situations where other people claim what is not theirs and when
you are making your payment do not disclose this to anyone because if
you do the IRS will be inform about your Grant and the IRS will charge you 40% out of your Grant Money i hope you understand this?

After sending this its now to send him your payment address, i recommend you use western union fine a picker who resides in usa and take its address.

Here is how to make the payment, go to any bank close to you, request for western union transfer slip and make the payment to the address below and forward me the MTCN Control number.

Name: Connie Jones
Address: 11190 US Highway 23 Lot 45
City: Waverly
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 45690


If you have any question kindly comment i will reply you fast.

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