Huawei HarmonyOS Users Reached 30M In Just A Month

Huawei HarmonyOS Users Reached 30M In Just A Month

Huawei was forced go back to its shell due to the sanctions, but seems to be coming out stronger than ever. The company is fighting hard for a place in the smartphone market. It developed its own operating system HarmonyOS, where they took the open source Android without Google services as a basis and began to sculpt something of their own on top of it.


Huawei HarmonyOS Users Reached 30M In Just A MonthHuawei HarmonyOS Users Reached 30M In Just A Month

And now the Chinese firm continues to report that more devices are migrating to HarmonyOS. So, as of July 8, more than 30 million devices are already running the operating system from Huawei. Recall that for itself the company has set a plan of 300 million devices by the end of the year, which should work on the basis of Harmony OS. Moreover, a third of them must be from third-party companies.

There are prerequisites that the plan will be fulfilled, but at the expense of devices available in the Chinese market. The company still has a lot of work to do so that devices with HarmonyOS began to appear more and more actively outside of China.

It is equally important for Huawei to prove that they have indeed created a new system. At this stage, everything looks like an attempt to reinterpret Android with HMS, borrowing a number of solutions from iOS. It looks more like a temporary system to weather the storm. Now it has no prerequisites to become better than Android, but in the future, everything may change.

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