Huawei Mate40/Pro warm-up: coming soon, stay tuned

Recently, Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong revealed the latest news about the release time of the new flagship Huawei series in the personal log video of the HDC 2020 conference: Please wait a moment, everything will arrive as scheduled. According to the release time hinted by Yu Chengdong, the machine will meet with you in early October, if not unexpected. Now there is the latest news. Recently, @ Huawei Mobile UK took the lead in opening the official warm-up of the phone.

According to the latest news released on overseas social platforms by @华Mobile UK, “We bring you an exciting news that the next generation of Huawei Mate series will be launched soon, so stay tuned.” This is the first time that Huawei’s official account has brought it. Regarding the warm-up news about the release of the new phone , although the official did not disclose a clear release time, from this statement, it is obvious that the phone will meet with you soon, and it should basically not exceed one month, which means it is very likely. It will be released before the end of September and early October, which is basically consistent with previous revelations.

In other respects, according to previously exposed news, the new Huawei Mate 40 series will basically continue the design concept of the previous generation, still adopting the front dual-camera digging waterfall screen solution, and the screen curvature will be further increased, and the screen will be restored on the side. A physical volume button is set, which makes user operation more convenient. In terms of configuration, the machine will be equipped with a new Kirin 9000 series processor that will soon become a “sweet sing”. It is built based on the 5nm process and adopts the Cortex A77 or A78 architecture. It is the world’s first 5nm SoC integrated with a 5G modem. In addition, the “Super Cup Edition” of the machine will be equipped with a newly upgraded super-sensitive Leica quad camera. Earlier it was reported that the main lens of the machine may use 50 million pixels, while the zoom and movie lenses will also be upgraded. A periscope telephoto lens will be added to support 5x optical zoom and 55x digital zoom.

It is reported that the new Huawei Mate40 series flagship is expected to be unveiled at the end of this month at the earliest, and will be officially launched in October, including the Mate40, and Mate40 Pro + three new machines, whether it is appearance, processor or photography. outstanding performance. More detailed information, we will wait and see.