Huawei releases smart car solutions brand HI

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On the afternoon of October 30th, at today’s Mate40 series domestic press conference, Wang Jun, President of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, announced that Huawei’s smart car solution brand HI was officially released, aiming to use Huawei’s full-stack smart car solutions to compete with Car companies have in-depth cooperation to create intelligent and connected electric vehicles.

Huawei releases smart car solutions brand HI

He introduced that HI stands for HUAWEI Intelligent Automotive Solution. HI represents not only Huawei’s technological innovation in the field of smart cars, but also the innovation of business models. At the same time, Huawei is committed to bringing an extremely intelligent, pleasant, and trustworthy travel experience to consumers. HI carries the concept of “bringing the digital world into every A car’s vision .

Wang Jun said: “HI brings full-stack smart car solutions. We inherit Huawei’s 30 years of technology accumulation, deeply integrate with the automotive industry, and pursue leapfrog technological development to achieve leadership and surpass. We believe that new models will be developed. To develop good smart electric vehicles to achieve brand development and promote China’s auto industry to grow stronger.”

The HI full-stack smart car solution includes a brand-new computing and communication architecture and 5 smart systems, smart driving, smart cockpit, smart electric, smart network and smart car cloud, as well as a full set of smart devices such as lidar and AR-HUD化components.

HI provides computing power and operating systems, including three computing platforms, intelligent driving computing platform, intelligent cockpit computing platform and intelligent vehicle control computing platform, as well as the three operating systems AOS (Intelligent Driving Operating System) and HOS (Smart Cockpit Operating System) And VOS (Intelligent Vehicle Control Operating System). With the support of computing power and operating system, cars can realize software definition and continue to develop new functions.

HI Advanced Autonomous Driving ADS builds the best advanced autopilot system in China’s road scenes. It is based on the L4 autonomous driving architecture and provides full-stack solutions for L4~L2+ autonomous driving, sensors, central supercomputers, The algorithm is leading. Based on machine self-learning technology, self-learning and self-evolution.

The HI intelligent electric system is based on the multi-physics coupling AI simulation optimization algorithm of the PDDP electric digital development platform to create an intelligent oil cooling technology. The core power components use immersed oil cooling. The cooling effect is better at high vehicle speeds. About 3 seconds. At the same time, it provides a full range of 800V high-voltage fast charging solutions, which can last 200 kilometers in 10 minutes.

HI intelligent cockpit adopts self-developed computing platform and Harmony cockpit operating system, which has a rich application ecology. ARHUD can turn an ordinary windshield into a 70-inch high-definition large screen, combined with 7.1 surround sound, users can watch movies, play games, and hold video conferences. At the same time, it has visual recognition capabilities, semantic understanding capabilities and AI technology, can communicate in natural language, understand user gestures and expressions, and serve users intelligently.

In terms of safety, the HI dual electric drive system has linkage control and redundant backup to ensure that power is not lost and driving safety. At the same time, through AI and big data analysis, early warning of battery abnormalities can be realized, further improving vehicle safety. In the field of information security, Huawei applies long-term accumulation to automobiles to protect users’ information security and privacy.

Wang Jun said that HI stands for technological innovation and business model innovation. HI adopts a new model of joint development, in which Huawei leverages its technological advantages and automakers to leverage the advantages of complete vehicles to jointly design and develop premium models. The new model uses the brand of the car company, and the HI logo will also be displayed on the body.

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