Huawei’s search engine “Petal Search” and map application “Petal Map” are officially launched overseas

Tonight, at the Mate 40 series global online press conference, Huawei officially launched a number of new applications for overseas users, including , a universal search engine that supports multiple search methods, and access to the Mate 40 series. Petal Maps, etc. are used for air-operated maps . learned that Petal Search provides users in more than 170 countries and regions overseas with applications, news, videos, pictures, shopping, travel, air tickets, hotels, music, local services, and various life information and other search fields in more than 20 categories Services and supports more than 50 languages.

Users can search through multiple portals such as the Petal Search , the search box on the home screen of the mobile phone, Huawei browser, and Huawei Smart Assistant Today (one screen negative) to obtain the information and services they need.

Huawei said: “Based on the AI ​​advantages of the series, Petal Search’s visual search function allows users to take photos or use pictures to search for people, animals, scenic spots, products, recipes, etc. of interest, instantly. At the same time, Petal Search voice The search also supports languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.”

Huawei's search engine

According to reports, the Petal Search search engine can provide users with localized classified search services, popular local restaurants, attractions, activities and other content, as well as local weather, translation and other functional services.

Huawei's search engine

In addition, Petal Maps, which is launched in more than 140 countries and regions overseas, provides users with services such as positioning, map display, driving navigation, and real-time road conditions. It also pioneered a new way of map interaction, applying the Mate 40 series of air-operated functions to navigation In the middle, when the user presses the palm of the hand toward the screen while driving, the navigation route view and map overview interface can be switched freely.

Through Petal Maps’ real-time bus information prompts, users can view the actual bus departure and arrival status of some cities to plan time and travel plans. Currently Petal Maps supports navigation voice broadcasts in Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.