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Idle Slayer is an incremental game, where you control your character, picking up coins and later on, slaying enemies!
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Pablo Leban
February 11, 2021
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Idle Slayer MOD (Money)

Idle Slayer MOD APK is a rogue-like hack and slashes video game where you have to kill a wide variety of enemies on your way from your starting point to the end. Title Slayer’s story is about a young girl who, along with her father, awakens an ancient evil entity in their home. The entity then proceeds to take over the world and causing a lot of trouble for all those in its path. This game is quite adventurous as it tackles issues like violence, mystery, and fantasy. If you happen to like this type of stuff, then you will love Idle Slayer.

How to play?

When you start the game, you have no idea about what to do or where to start. However, after a brief introduction by the game’s lead character, you get to pick your class – a ranger or a sniper. From there, you start moving through the levels and completing objectives. As you advance in the game, you will find out that each group has many goals that you need to complete to go further. These include killing as many opponents as you can, as well as collecting ‘unique’ items, unlocking new areas and ‘zones,’ activating time travel, and collecting every item and gem on the map.

Time is used for everything in the game, and if you run out of time, you will have to restart. There are some different time zones in Idle Slayer. Each one represents a different season of the year. During winter, the gameplay is slowed down as you have to conserve energy. The action picks up during spring as you are free to move around and fire many shots at your enemies.

Idle Slayer Gameplay

You have three attacks in total while playing the game, and these are performed by the left mouse button and the space bar. Using either of them will make you leap into the air and perform a powerful combo attack, including a leaping strike, spinning blade attack, and a smashing attack that will cause some damage to your opponents. If you press the shift key when you use any of the attacks, you will remain in the air and perform two more episodes, but this time you will dash forward instead of leaning backward.

The game is challenging from the beginning because you have to survive waves of enemy fighters before they all start attacking you. You have limited ammunition, which you have to replenish by collecting more ammo pods or killing more enemies. This is done by selecting an item that provides a shot to you and then using it on an enemy. You can also use melee weapons to kill your enemies, although you only have a few weapons available to you at the beginning.

20 separate locations

There are various enemies in Idle Slayer, and there are over 20 separate locations throughout the game that you can explore. As you explore different areas, you will discover items, chests, and other items to assist you in your fight against the undead. You have to use these items quickly to keep yourself from being killed by enemy fighters, and once you have sufficient stock of them, you can help them get out of the way so that you can eliminate them.

You will not fully complete the game while standing on the ground as some of the opponents will attack while you are standing still. It would help if you jumped up to damage the enemy, which requires you to dash in that direction to maximize the damage you do. If you are playing idle games where you constantly have to move back and forth a lot, the action will become monotonous for you. It can become boring very quickly if you spend your time standing still instead of fighting.

Fortunately, you can continue playing idle games online indefinitely with just a few clicks. You can continue earning kills, weapons, and levels as long as you want. You don’t even have to play constantly to make money since you can pause the game whenever you like. That means that you can put the system away to do other things during idle time.

Idle Slayer MOD APK Final Words

One of the popular games of the Android platform produced by Pablo Leban, which we think you should try if you like idle games. You aim to always go forward with the character you control, collect gold, and destroy your enemies due to the game’s financial problems and general difficulties. Therefore MOD APK Offers Unlimited Money & Premium features Unlocked.

So you can enjoy the game to the full, improve your skills and always be superior to your enemies. Various items, endless roads, dangerous enemies, and more are waiting for you. The graphics are 2D, and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with double fingers.

Mod Info:

  • Money
  • Premium
  • Unlock


What's new

• The game now connects to a more reliable and faster server to check time.
• Cloud Save and Authentication improved.



Frequently Ask Questions:

How to (Where to) Download Idle Slayer MOD APK

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How to Install (Setup) Idle Slayer MOD APK

Let’s download and install our Idle Slayer MOD APK file and login into the game.
Allow Unknown Sources:
Step 1: Open the device’s setup application.
Step 2: Drag and click Security (usually in the Personal section of the menu).
Click the Unknown Sources button to turn it on.
Note: Read the necessary information carefully. If feeling appropriate, you can click the OK button to complete. You can then proceed to install sources other than Google Play quickly.