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If Musk accepts Bitcoin Cash payment, 111 Tesla cars will be purchased

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An Australian YouTube user “” recently posted a video promising that if Musk accepts BCH (Bitcoin Cash) payment now, he will buy 111 Tesla Model 3s. .

It is reported that this user has 8,000 fans, and he must also want to call Tesla to open the BCH payment method in this way, because he said that many BCH supporters want to spend their cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin Supporters tend to hold more than spend.

At the end of March, when Elon Musk confirmed that American customers could use Bitcoin to buy Tesla, the BCH community was disappointed. On the second day, BCH/BTC hit a record low of 0.089 BTC.

In addition, whether this user can afford 111 Teslas is not known whether it is a gimmick or indeed. Because one of his wallets in the video shows that he only holds about 141,000 US dollars of BCH, or only enough to buy three Teslas. On Reddit, his explanation was that for security reasons, he deliberately did not disclose other wallets.

Currently, the white Tesla Model 3 he plans to buy is currently priced at approximately US$52,000 in Australia. Excluding quantity discounts, it is equivalent to US$5.8 million. He said that he intends to use these Tesla electric vehicles for a new commercial project, and the specific details cannot be disclosed. He said: “We can only say that the Tesla Model 3 is sold in Australia at a price below cost, and the parts are more valuable than their sum.”

For this reason, some netizens commented that this person is very smart. He knows that as long as Musk mentions BCH, the price will rise, which is further away from his purpose.

When Musk announced that he could buy Tesla with Bitcoin, users in the BCH community attracted his attention. Kim Dotcom compared the fees of BCH and BTC, and responded that the former “serves the mass market, not just 1% of the people.” Musk replied: It makes sense.

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