iOS 14.6 Beta 1 code hints that Apple is about to launch HiFi Apple Music

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According to the code in the iOS 14.6 beta discovered by MacRumors, Apple is adding HiFi support to Apple Music, which will provide high security for Apple Music users and users of compatible devices (such as certain models of AirPods) Real audio streaming.

Yesterday, a report stated that Apple will release a new $9.99 monthly Apple Music package in the “next weeks” to provide high-fidelity music streaming. Now, MacRumors contributor Steve Moser discovered the code in the first beta version of iOS 14.6 that Apple is exploring this new subscription service and preparing for a possible release.

In the code of the first beta version of iOS 14.6, “lossless audio”, “high-quality stereo audio streaming” and “HiFi” were mentioned in the Apple Music app . In addition, the accompanying code in the beta indicates that HiFi audio streaming may be limited to certain AirPods, such as AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and newer versions.

It is speculated that users without AirPods can also get HiFi support, although it is not known whether Apple has certain hardware requirements for speakers, headphones, etc. to support HiFi Apple Music.

Words such as “route incompatible” and “route not clear about compatibility” indicate that just as spatial audio is limited to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, HiFi Apple Music may be limited to compatible with a certain generation of AirPods and other compatible devices.

Other codes in the beta show that Apple can add a dynamic way to Apple Music to switch between standard, compressed audio streams and high-fidelity streams.

On the iPhone 12 equipped with 5G, Apple has a “smart data mode” that can automatically switch between 5G and 4G/LTE connections based on the user’s current needs, connection strength, and battery life. According to the code in the beta version, Apple may take a similar approach to HiFi Apple Music, providing users with high-fidelity audio streams only when there is sufficient bandwidth or depending on other factors (such as user data consumption).

Spotify has announced plans to provide HiFi support to users sometime this year, but has yet to announce a specific date. According to reports, Apple is preparing to announce the new HiFi Apple Music within a few weeks at the earliest, and release the new third-generation AirPods at the same time. According to reports, the cost of the new HiFi Apple Music will be the same as the current personal Apple Music.

Given the evidence that HiFi Apple Music may be limited to newer AirPods models, Apple may offer HiFi as a separate, more expensive level to users compatible with AirPods. Therefore, users who use the old AirPods will be able to keep their existing Apple Music subscriptions without supporting HiFi.

At last year’s WWDC, Apple did announce the automatic switching function of AirPods and the spatial audio of AirPods Pro and newer AirPod products. Only a few weeks away from WWDC 2021, Apple may release the new HiFi Apple Music at the conference and market it as an additional feature of the third-generation AirPods.

Naijatechnews learned that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously reported that the new AirPods will enter mass production in the third quarter of this year.

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