iPhone 12/Pro officially goes on sale today

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are officially on sale today. In the context of the global new crown epidemic, Apple is looking for ways to let people safely buy their new phones without being exposed to unnecessary viruses. infection.

Apple has allowed iPhone 12 orders to be picked up in stores, and in some places, is implementing an express mail system similar to bank tellers to minimize the exposure of others. In order to cope with people lining up to pick up iPhones outside the store, Apple may use an appointment system .

Apple told Business Insider that if there is a long queue outside a store that is open, customers in the queue will get an appointment and be told to return at a different time to purchase equipment. Customers who plan to line up in front of the Apple Store can expect to get an appointment instead of long lines.

Naijatechnews.com understands that some retail stores do not allow door-to-door purchases at all, such as the Union Square store in San Francisco, California. An employee of the store said that customers must make an appointment in advance to buy iPhone 12 on the day of sale.

Although Apple seems to discourage people from queuing in front of the store, there are still queues. MacRumors reader BlueMoose said that 11 people were sitting outside his local Apple store waiting for the iPhone 12 to go on sale on Friday.

iPhone 12/Pro officially goes on sale today

In addition, according to Reuters, Apple is planning to expand a new “express” store model, allowing customers to more conveniently and safely purchase new Apple devices, including the iPhone 12 series. The characteristic of the express store format is that a wall is built around the front of the Apple main store, with a temporary sales counter on it, protected by plexiglass, similar to a bank. There is a shelf of accessories behind the clerk, and customers can pick up the goods in the store after ordering online, or talk to Apple staff for help.

Apple also plans to allow customers to pick up devices that have been booked as early as October 16, and the appointment times are distributed in different time periods.


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