Is First Bank having network problem today [Solution]


Have it in the back of your mind that, this is Nigeria and nothing works, even when you pay heavily on it.. it doesn’t work, thank you sir/ma, winks!. Lets go… On this page you will learn more on how to resolve issues partaining to First bank and others banks here. We partilly base the contest on First Bank having network problem today but is not limited to First Bank of Nigeria only but generally speaking.

About First Bank of Nigeria

First Bank of Nigeria Limited, is a Nigerian multinational bank and financial services company headquartered in Lagos Nigeria. It is the premier bank in West Africa with its impact woven into the fabric of society.

First Bank is Nigeria’s premier commercial bank and most valuable banking brand with over 10million customers and over 750 business across the 774 local government in Nigeria.

First Bank of Nigeria Services

First bank carryout the following activities;

  • FirstBank Mobile Apps
  • Banking
  • Depositing & Widthrawing
  • Accounts opening
  • Money Transfer
  • Cards
  • Forms
  • FirstBank Mobile Apps
  • Contact Us
  • FirstOnline e.t.c

First Bank having network problem today

Most often there seems to be network eror and bad services such as the inability to make transactions. As at now the network is so poort that we can’t even receive the money transfered to our account and even the transfer i made rebounced.


In this case, we find it difficult to reach out to the bank for urgent assistance especially when it is weekend (Saturday and Sunday). oops! in my case it wasn’t even in weekend and the crowd in banking premises is alarming due to this trying times when we still dance to the tune of coronavirus.


Meanwhile, I have contacted the bank about this issues and they promised to resolve it ASAP and assured me that the service will be back as soon as possible.

First Bank customer’s care reply

As quoted by the customer below;
We are aware of the problems our esteemed customers are having with our e-transaction channels and we sincerely apologize.

Resolving this issue is our top priority at this time, and all hands are on deck to ensure services return to normal in the shortest possible time.
We will keep you posted on updates as soon as they happen.

Issues First bank and other bank customer faces

Some of the complaints from other customers are as follows;

  • First bank please what goin
  • g with you app, being tryin
  • g to do a transfer for almost 2 weeks now but not working. Assit, it killing me
  • I run an online business, so people always send me money through transfer, why is your network to slow, it takes a very long time before I get credited.
  • Your first mobile app prompted me to update without an option not to, after I updated major issues with the mobile app can’t even login or handle transactions anymore. What is going on FBN
  • pls what is the problem with first bank since yesterday, i was sent money i couldnt recieved, and i also sent to someone he couldnt recieved as well
  • My boss paid my salary since on d 24th of dis month, till nw,I hv not received it .am not happy at all
  • Your mobile app is not working. I can’t make any transactions
  • My salary have been paid since on 5th, am still yet to receive it and this is weekend.. Not happy about it
  • I paid money into my first bank account since on Thursday I have not been credited up till now. I even thought the people did not send my money I have to go and ask them in a hash voice. Please first bank if you guys can not function well again tells let go to other banks you guys have problems all the time

You like to know how to contact your bank here in respective of which bank you are operating.

First Bank customer complaint service

As a First Bank account holder, it is important for you to know the first bank customer care phone number and other means by which you can get across to them just in case the need arises. You never know when you might need the help or assistance of a First bank customer care agent. So we will be teaching you how to get in touch with them.

Firstly, we need to know the kind of complaints or Issues we can report to the first bank Customer care and have them assist you without you going to a first bank branch. Some issues can be solved without you going into the banking premises while some others will require your presence at any nearest first bank branch.

For example, if your ATM gets stolen or misplaced and you are afraid of someone using it to withdraw your funds. You can simply call, email or chat with a first bank Customer care agent and they will have your ATM blocked almost immediately. The only thing that you will provide will be just your account number for this. You can then request a new card and pick it up when next you visit your bank branch. That’s not all; there is a lot of other stuff the first bank Customer care can help you with.

The following complaints or Issues can be resolved by calling, chatting or emailing a first bank Customer care agent by contacting them through any of the means listed below.

  • Inquiry about a first bank product or service.
  • Transaction Issues. (Mobile banking app, ATM, WebPay etc)
  • Block ATM Card.
  • Online Banking password reset.
  • Stop Cheque Instructions.
  • Request for statement of account.

You can do all these and more without going to the bank just by contacting a First bank customer care through any of Phone numbers below.

  • +234 1 9052326
  • +234 1 9052000
  • +234 1 448 5500
  • +234 708 062 5000

If you have no Airtime to contact them using the phone numbers above. Simply get in touch with them across social media platforms by going to the First Bank Of Nigeria Limited Facebook Page or @FirstBankNGR on Twitter. You can also email them your complaints and enquires at [email protected]

How Can A Complaint Be Made?

If you are dissatisfied with a product or service provided by FirstBank, you may in the first instance consider speaking directly with the staff member/s you have been dealing with. If you are uncomfortable with this or consider the said staff member unable to address your concerns you can lodge a complaint with us in one of the following ways:

  • Bycompleting
  • a Complaints form on our
  • website
  • By calling First Contact on 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000
  • By writing to us: Complaints Management Unit
  • First Bank of Nigeria, Ltd
    35 Marina
    P.O. Box 5216
    Lagos, Nigeria.
    By emailing us [email protected]
  • In person by speaking to any of our customer service staff at our branches. Please note that you will be required to fill a Complaint Form. Details of the complaints will then be logged on the FirstCustomer CRM.
  • Relationship Manager: Corporate and Institutional Banking customers may give feedback to their relationship managers by telephone or email
    Social Media:
    Twitter: @fbn_help

Note: You should also know that no First Bank customer care agent will ask you for your private details in order to help you. Details like ATM PIN, Mobile Banking PIN, ATM Card Number, CCV, Mobile Banking Log In details, One Time Password, Passcode or Token.

How can I chat with First Bank on Whatsapp?

The FirstBank whatsapp banking platform has diverse functions ranging from; Onboarding, Check Balance, send money, Pay Bills, Airtime purchase to Data purchase. To get started, add FirstBank on Whatsapp with 08124444000 Now and just say “Hi”

What Information Is Needed When Making A Complaint

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your relationship with FirstBank (i.e. the nature of your engagement with FirstBank, customer or
  • non-customer)
  • Name/Description of product or service being complained about
  • Problem encountered with said product or service
  • Remedy
  • requested/ Complainant’s Prayer
  • Copies of any documentation which supports your complaint.


With the above contact details you should be able to get your issues and complaints sorted out easily. However, not all complaints can be resolved by contacting using the above means. Some will require you to visit the nearest first bank branch or other bank if perhaps not a First bank customer and to get the issue sorted out.

If you are having issues contacting them or don’t understand how to go about it then drop a comment below and we will assist you on how to go about it.

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