Laptop Battery Doesn’t Last? Here is how to Improve the Battery Life


tips on how you can optimize your ’s life so as allow it serve you to the maximum until you decide to upgrade to another PC, these tips are based on personal experience and series of research, do well to read this post to the end, you will greatly improve your / Life by simply applying this do’s and don’ts. lets take a look at them.

My PC is now a desktop! once unplugged it shuts down! , oh thank God my PC battery stays up for half an hour when unplugged! why is my PC battery misbehaving nowadays? this words and more alike from PC owners is an indication that the battery is giving them tough time, but that’s not how it used it to be from unset, if you are reading this post, its either you are among these categories of persons or you don’t want to get yourself into the categories which is battery.

Tips To Improve Laptop/PC Battery Life

1.Turn Off Wireless Connections when Idle

Turning of wireless network components of your PC when idle is a great way to improve your PC’s battery life, those components are Bluetooth, WiFi or wireless display in some cases, you should ensure they are turned off when idle, you can do so by navigating to the hardware settings of your PC, locate the Bluetooth or WiFi icon to switch them off or by simply using the tower icon on your PrTScr button to turn the Airplane mode on this airplane mode automatically turns off every wireless network.

2. Use Battery Saver Mode

Battery saver mode is very important as it regards battery optimization, the battery saver mode turns off some power consuming components, dims your PC display, minimizes background running apps and you can set your battery saver mode to activate when your battery reaches a specific level, though most PCs are set it to activate at 20% of battery life, you can set it up to do so at 30% if you so wish, the aim is to maximize your battery life, for windows PC navigate to our PC settings under power management to customize the power settings, you can as well set your hibernation time out on that same section.

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3. Shut Your PC Down When Idle Instead Of Hibernating.

The idea of hibernating your PC comes in handy when you want your PC to use less battery while still keeping your activities intact its more like allowing it to sleep, however, this option can be misused and result to retard in your PC’s battery life, most people tend to hibernate their PC for longer period of time instead of simply shutting it down, that hibernating consumes less power in the background doesn’t mean that it should be taking in place of the shutting down, a longer period of hibernation can leave some tons on your PC’s battery so do well to shut your PC other than hibernating, this will surely add values and Improve Your Laptop/PC Battery Life

4.Use Less Powerful Graphic Cards On Less Demanding Tasks

Some external Graphic cards Like Nvidia and other gaming Cards consumes hell lots of power, this graphics comes in handy when you are running demanding programs, mostly games and video editing, other than that this graphic cards shouldn’t be used to run less demanding programs like, Microsoft word editing, thus its advised that you switch to the basic/internal graphic cards for such less demanding task, this will go a long way to Improve Your Laptop/PC Battery Life.

5. Always Update Your OS To The Latest Version

Developers release new and updated versions of Operating system mostly to fix some bugs found on the Previous version which can in turn patch some power related issues, its advised that you keep yours Windows or Mac OS updated to the latest version as those updates can enhance your PC’s power and overall performance of your PC

6.Disconnect /Remove Unnecessary Peripherals

Removable hardware peripherals, like CD ROMs, USB Dongles, DVD Roms, Flash drives etc can give your PC extra work if left plugged when not in use, this external disks takes its on quota of your PCs power every time you boot or reboot the PC, since they are not needed at the moment you should unplug/ remove them from your PC this way the extra power used to synchronize them on every reboot will be saved for good.

7. Avoid Over Charging

Though the Lithium Ion battery that made up most PCs battery is programmed to stop charging when completely charged, you can aid this process manually by disconnecting your PC from supply when fully charged, this will go along way in improving the overall performance of your battery, you should also avoid leaving your PC plugged to the supply for hours as this will have an adverse effect on your PC’s battery life to Improve Your Laptop/PC Battery Life avoid this practice.

8. Avoid Placing Your PC On Soft Surfaces

Placing Your PC on soft holders or surface will not only have an adverse effect on the battery but equally heat up the motherboard of your PC, soft surfaces like a bed, Pillow, mattress, cushions etc blocks the air in and outlets of your PC thus resulting to regular heating up and a negative effect on the PCs motherboard and battery, do well to avoid this if you are ready to Improve Your Laptop/PC Battery Life

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9. Disregard The Word “Laptop”

Laptop is the nicknamed given to PCs due to the fact that it is suitably placed on the laps, but this practice is very unhealthy to us and the PC, how? placing your PC on the laps will also block the air outlets as you laps is a soft surface, thus heating both your laps and the PCs motherboard up, your legs and your PC’s battery will not smile with you in this condition, avoid this practice and your battery will thank you for it.

10. Should Your PC/ Be Discharged To Zero Percent Before Recharging?

This question have been on the lips of many as most battery manuals advise such, but this is no longer applicable as most PCs battery is made with Lithium, thus discharging To Zero percent before charging will degrade the overall performance of the battery, instead you should discharge to around 20% before recharging, this applies to newly purchased battery

These tips are worthy of note as it will greatly Improve Your Laptop/PC Battery Life and the overall performance of your PC, at most you might need to get a new battery for your PC if the current one have gone beyond maintenance, if you apply this tips above your new battery will surely last longer.

Do well to share any other best Battery maintenance tips with us via the comment section.