Launch of Win10, Google urges Chromium developers to stop using Windows 7

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Foreign media Windows Latest reported that Microsoft has made it clear that its dependence on Windows 7 should be coming to an end. The company’s focus is to migrate people and businesses to Windows 10-its latest operating system, market The share exceeds 50%.

11 months after Microsoft ended its support for Windows 7, Google finally urged Chromium developers to stop using Windows 7, because Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and the Chromium community.

“I don’t remember the decision to require Windows 10, but it seems that it will inevitably happen at some point, maybe that time is just like now. There have been some Windows 7 failures recently, and constantly fixing these failures will eventually become costly Expensive.” Google engineer Bruce Dawson explained.

Naijatechnews is informed that in a new submission, Google confirmed that Windows 7 is no longer suitable for building Chromium, and Windows 10 is now a new requirement . Since Windows 7 is an unsupported operating system, when developers try to build their Chromium application, a readable error message will be displayed.

It is worth noting that this announcement is only for developers, and Chromium-driven browsers will continue to work on Windows 7, which has been confirmed by Google.

“Chromium and its derivatives can still run on Windows 7. This only affects developers.” Google pointed out.

The developer community’s fix will be accepted, but so far, no one has actively increased support for Windows 7. Developers who are still using Chromium should upgrade to Windows 10, or consider trying an application like Process Explorer to detect Chromium issues on Windows 7.

Google developers have stopped using Windows 7 to build the Chrome browser, but it is still unclear when Chromium will completely stop working on the old platform.

As previously reported, Microsoft is still offering Windows 10 free upgrades to users who run Windows 7 Home, Professional and Ultimate licenses .


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