LG released a new mid-range OLED TV: using OLED evo technology

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According to Engadget, LG has launched a new mid-range OLED TV to solve one of the biggest problems of the technology: insufficient brightness.

LG announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2021 that the new G1 series TVs use a new panel technology called “OLED evo” and are equipped with new “light-emitting elements” designed to improve brightness, clarity and resolution.

According to reports, LG also revealed some details of the C1 series of OLED TVs. The size of this TV ranges from 48 inches to 83 inches. If you don’t want to install them on the wall, you can also choose a “gallery installation” bracket.

LG released a new mid-range OLED TV: using OLED evo technology

Naijatechnews learned that LG said that C1 and G1 will be equipped with the new Alpha 9 4th generation AI processor, which can “analyze and optimize content.” LG’s AI Picture Pro feature will also provide scene detection capabilities that can analyze scenes and improve image quality accordingly.

The C1 series and G1 series will also be equipped with a new version of LG’s Sound Pro, which will implement virtual 5.1.2 surround sound on the TV’s built-in speakers and automatically level the volume when you change channels.

In addition, the new TV will also use LG’s latest webOS 6.0 smart platform, a new user interface, and support for NFC remote pairing.

LG said that the new TV will provide a better gaming experience, such as 1 millisecond response time, low input latency and 4 HDMI 2.1 ports. All C1 and G1 models support G-Sync, FreeSync and variable refresh rate.

LG will announce more information about its C1 series and G1 series later.

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