LG Wing dual-screen rotating mobile phone high-definition renderings: how to take a selfie in doubt

’s previous G-series and V-series product lines have now been merged into a device series called “Universal Line”. The company has also created an experimental smartphone series-Explorer Project, LG mobile phone is the first product in the series, and now broke the news that @evleaks released the official rendering of this smartphone.

Aside from foldable devices, LG Wing may be the most unique smartphone in recent times. At first glance, the machine looks like an ordinary mobile phone, with a 6.8-inch OLED display with a slim frame.

But by rotating the display 90 degrees, you can see a second 4-inch screen , which can be used with the main screen at any time, thus forming a T-shape. Users can watch videos on the main screen while scrolling with the smaller screen. Browse comments. Another possibility is to display WeChat content on the top screen and reply to the message on the bottom screen.

When driving, users can also open navigation apps on the big screen. At the same time, the smaller screen can be used to play music or answer calls.

It seems that one thing is unclear, and that is how to take selfies . The upper and lower borders of the main display seem to be too small to accommodate the camera, and the borders around the small screen have no signs of a selfie sensor, so it is not clear how LG solves this problem.

What is certain is that there are three cameras on the back of the machine, very similar to Oppo Reno 4, consisting of three independent camera bumps, the top one is larger than the others, and there is also an LED flash. Unfortunately, the camera specifications have not yet been leaked.

According to reports, this smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, which has been used internally by smartphones such as LG Velvet and OnePlus Nord, and supports 5G networks.

LG Wing will be released on September 14,Naijatechnews learned that the price of LG Wing in South Korea will be 1.09 million won, or about $919