LG Wing mobile phone receives important system update, rotating dual screen is easier to use

’s rotating dual-screen mobile phone is one of the most eye-catching mobile phones in 2020, but it is the same as the Surface Duo, because the peculiar dual-screen has encountered various software adaptation problems.

Recently, according to a foreign media Droid Life report, the new software update of the Verizon customized version of LG Wing phone adds some new dual-screen functions, which seems to solve some problems.

First of all, the most notable update is that users can more easily move applications between the two displays (previously, some complicated menu adjustments were involved). After the update, there will be a “Send” button on the screen. Users can click this button to move the application from one display to another .

After completing the move operation, a “restart” button will appear at the bottom right of the screen. This button will last for 5 seconds; if the transferred application fails to load correctly, using this button will help. In addition, users can swipe the screen with three fingers or open the quick settings panel to move the application.

▲ Picture source: Droid Life

Secondly, the second display, like the main display, can also display the names of applications, folders, and widgets (previously they were not displayed to save space), and it looks more like a standard Android screen.

LG has also added media controls for all apps on the second display screen (instead of a few selected apps like YouTube). You can control the audio or video in the app without opening the app , which solves the problem of the second screen. Big problem. Currently, applications like Netflix will provide such functionality.

There are other additional features in this update, including the ability to scan and recognize QR codes in the camera app, simplified Wi-Fi settings, new mobile phone wallpapers, matching 5G icons, and the November Android security patch.

The software version number of this update is F100VM10d. Verizon customized version of LG Wing users can check and install the update through Settings> About Phone> Software updates> Check for update> Download Now.