List of 51 countries Nigerian Visa Passport Holders Can Visit

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It is no news that Nigerians travel a lot. And as you already know, the Nigerian passport, which is the 82nd on the passport index, lets you enter just 51 nations across the world, either without a visa or by getting a visa after arriving at the airport.

Sadly, however, as a Nigerian citizen, the reality is that our passport’s ranking is not that high, and it is actually on the level of developing nations like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. But that is not to say that it cannot help when you want to visit visa-free nations across the globe.

Therefore, if you are looking to explore the world as a Naija man or woman but you are bothered about travel restrictions and visa problems, your worries are over. The good news is that specific nations all over the world are very much ready to accommodate you without any visa requirement.

A lot of these countries allow tourist entry and provide visa on arrival while some let the visitor stay for an agreed number of days or months before a visa will be needed. Some other nations will not even ask for a visa no matter how long you stay. Want to know the nations in question? See Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders Can Visit:

Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport

Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport Holders Can Visit

Even if developed nations in Europe or North America are generally stiff when it comes to Nigerians coming into their countries, there are still amazing travel destinations that welcome us with open arms, even when we do not have visas. As long as you have your passport, heading and living there is not complicated at all. See the list of countries below:

Visa Free Countries Nigerian Passport
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  • Antigua and Barbuda (electronic entry visa)
  • Barbados (visa-free)
  • Benin (visa-free)
  • Burkina Faso (visa-free)
  • Cameroon (visa-free)
  • Cape Verde (visa-free)
  • Chad (visa-free)
  • Comoros (visa on arrival) Cote d’Ivore (visa-free)
  • Djibouti (e-visa)
  • Dominica (visa-free)
  • Ethiopia (e-visa, visa on arrival)
  • Fiji (visa-free)
  • Gabon (e-visa)
  • Gambia (visa-free)
  • Ghana (visa-free)
  • Guinea (visa-free)
  • Guinea-Bissau (visa-free)
  • Haiti (visa-free)
  • Iran (e-visa, visa on arrival)
  • Kenya (e-visa, visa on arrival)
  • Kyrgyzstan (e-visa)
  • Lesotho (e-visa)
  • Liberia (visa-free)
  • Madagascar (e-visa, visa on arrival)
  • Maldives (visa on arrival)
  • Mali (visa-free)
  • Mauritania (visa on arrival)
  • Mauritius (visa on arrival)
  • Micronesia (visa-free)
  • Mozambique (visa on arrival)
  • Namibia (visa on arrival)
  • Niger (visa-free)
  • Pakistan (online visa)
  • Palau (visa-free)
  • Qatar (e-visa)
  • Rwanda (e-visa, visa on arrival)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (visa-free)
  • Samoa (visa on arrival)
  • Sao Tome and Príncipe (e-visa)
  • Senegal (visa-free)
  • Seychelles (visa on arrival)
  • Sierra Leone (visa-free)
  • Somalia (visa on arrival)
  • Suriname (e-visa)
  • Timor Leste (visa on arrival)
  • Togo (visa-free)
  • Tuvalu (visa on arrival)
  • Uganda (e-visa, visa on arrival)
  • Vanuatu (visa-free)
  • Zambia (e-visa)
  • Zimbabwe (e-visa).

There you have it, most of these nations are stable economically and security-wise, so you surely get by and feel safe on a daily basis. It is true that there will be no place like home, but leaving Nigeria once in a while to explore other countries around you is never a bad idea.

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