List of the Best PlayStation 4 games to play in 2020?


We stunbumed upon an aggregate review scorer Metacritic that has revealed the top 20 PlayStation 4 titles of the year so far, with a somewhat surprise inclusion taking the number one spot.

In what has been a monumental year of gaming to date, the outlook appears even brighter with the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla still to come; not to mention the next generation of consoles dropping this Holiday season.

Metacritic has combined all reviews of the releases so far to give the titles an average score and rank.

So without further ado, let’s look at those must-have PS4 games.

20. Huntdown. Metascore: 82

This action-packed co-op arcade shooter allows players to cause havoc in a futuristic setting, with henchmen, crime bosses and even hockey hooligans ready for some 16-bit chaos.

19. Streets of Rage 4. Metascore: 82

Dotemu’s latest installment in Sega’s Streets of Rage series, this reimaging of the 90s classic sees Blaze, Axel and Adam’s attempt to take down a ruthless crime syndicate fronted by the Y Twins.

18. Neon Abyss. Metascore: 82

Developer Veewo Games certainly kept players on edge with this frantic run ‘n’ gun action platformer. With a unique evolution system, each run a player makes and every choice they take will change the ruleset.

17. Two Point Hospital. Metascore: 82

In this February release, players are tasked with building a state-of-the-art hospital from the ground up. The choice between design and functionality often comes in to play, with gamers having to balance aesthetics with anaesthetics.

16. Desperados III. Metascore: 82

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The prequel to Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive explores the backstory of the gunslinging protagonist John Cooper in his 1870 journey through the Wild West.

15. Yakuza 5 Remastered. Metascore: 82

The former Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu is forced to leave his mundane job as a taxi driver and return to the dangerous criminal underworld of the infamous Yakuza.

14. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Metascore: 82

Capcom’s genre-defining franchise returns with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, giving players 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes in one of their biggest releases to date. The success of the game saw the developers announce an additional fifth season for the game, allowing players to further master their Hadouken attacks.

13. Freedom Finger. Metascore: 82

This crazy cartoon side-scrolling shooter stars Nolan North, and according to the developers, sees players “blasting and punching through 40 levels of bat$#!% crazy action”!

12. MLB The Show 20. Metascore 83.

This PS4 exclusive baseball game features Minor League Baseball players fully licenced for the first time as well as more customisation options for each franchise. Players also got Nike uniforms and authentic advertisements in stadiums!

11: Ghost of Tsushima. Metascore 83.

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Players play as one of the last surviving Samurai Jin Sakai as they fight off the invading Mongols in a hope to liberate the island of Tsushima. Sucker Punch Production’s action-adventure stealth title allows players to explore one of the most stunning open worlds ever seen in gaming.

10. Bayonetta & Vanquish. Metascore: 85

This 10th anniversary release features two PlatinumGames titles as the cult classics Bayonetta and Vanquish return. Bayonetta is a hack and slash fantasy title set in the fictional city of Vigrid, whilst the sci-fi shooter Vanquish sees Earth look to the space colony of Providence for res.

9. Nioh 2. Metascore: 85.

Another samurai title on the list, players this time pick up their Katana as a half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior as they fight off Dark Realm demons.

8. Cuphead. Metascore: 86.

The amazing audio and visuals of this game take us back to the 1930s in this classic run and gun action title. Players are tasked with traversing new worlds and acquiring new weapons ahead of exhilarating boss battles.

7. F1 2020. Metascore: 86

This year, players can create their own racing teams along with unique drivers, customisable sponsors and engine suppliers in their hunt for the World Championship. New additions to the career mode, multiplayer and two new circuits mean F1 2020 is a must for all racing fans!

6. DOOM Eternal. Metascore: 87

If gamers had to define the word ‘carnage’, they would look no further than id Software and Bethesda Softwork’s 2020 release. The hectic shooter sees players don the persona of the DOOM Slayer once more, tasked with destroying demonic forces whilst a relentless soundtrack adds to the chaos!

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Metascore: 87

Set in the dystopian city of Midgar, Square Enix’s remake of the 1997 classic sees mercenary Cloud Strife attempt to stop Shinra from using the planet’s life essence as an energy . On release, the game was praised for its storytelling and combat system.

4. Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition. Metascore: 88

This January release follows the secret underground highway that runs through the caves of Kentucky, with GameSpot saying it was “beautiful and mysterious enough to grip you”. That sounds good to us.

3. Dreams. Metascore: 89

This game allows players to develop their own games thanks to its extremely accessible production features. Developed by Media Molecule, the title won Game Critics Awards’ Best Original Game title in 2018.

2. The Last of Us Part II. Metascore: 94.

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Whilst somewhat dividing the gaming community, Naughty Dog’s stunning and much-anticipated release saw Ellie embark on a personal and violent vendetta as she looks to take her revenge in a post-apocalyptic and zombie-ridden United States.

1. Persona 5 Royal. Metascore: 95

The highest scoring game of the year is a revolutionary RPG experience as gamers stage heists across new locations. The new mechanics are a breath of fresh air for the franchise, and the impressive soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment for adventure across Tokyo.

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