Mars will be the closest to the earth on October 6, and you can enjoy the “super bright” Mars that night

Xinhuanet reported that at 22:18 on October 6 this year, Mars will travel to the closest point to the earth. Astronomical experts said that in fine weather, the public of our country can appreciate the super bright Mars, whose brightness even exceeds that of Jupiter that night, becoming the “brightest star” in the night sky, dazzling.

Mars appears as a bright red celestial body in the night sky. Because Mars is similar to the Earth in many ways, and its volume is only about one-seventh of the Earth, it is also called the “Pocket Earth”.

Astronomical experts said that Mars “came against the sun” on October 14 this year. Since the perihelion of Mars and the Earth are not on the same line of right ascension, the day of the “sun opposition” is often not its closest to the Earth. Normally, they may be several days earlier or several days later than the “counter-sun” date. This time, the closest distance between Mars and the Earth is 8 days ahead of the date of the “sunshine”.

Naijatechnews learned that the closest period between Mars and the Earth is about 2 years and 2 months. Due to the large eccentricity of Mars, the distance from the Earth is very different each time. It can reach more than 100 million kilometers. This time, the closest to Earth on Mars occurred at 22:18 on October 6, which was more than 62 million kilometers away from Earth.

Mars was in a state of “retrograde” when it was closest to the earth and when it was “up against the sun.” During the “retrograde” period, the brightness of Mars gradually increases, which is very suitable for observation .

Watching the bright Mars is not limited to the night of the 6th, the entire October is a good time to observe.

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