Mi TV Master 82-inch and Extreme Commemorative Edition released

This afternoon, Xiaomi held an exclusive tasting session for the TV “Master” Extreme Commemorative Edition. The Mi 82″ and Xiaomi TV Master 82″ Extreme Commemorative Edition were officially released at the meeting.


82″ adopts 4K display, supports HDR technology grand slam, peak brightness is up to 1000nits, and realizes true HDR picture quality presentation from chip, interface, algorithm to screen. “Sharp Shadow Light Control” technology brings multiple partitions Supports Dolby Atmos, HDMI 2.1 interface, 120Hz MEMC. Mi TV Master 82″ is equipped with MIUI for TV system, which can accurately recommend high-quality content and manage smart home devices; support Xiao Ai 3.0, with far-field voice, continuous dialogue, voiceprint recognition and other experiences; support for Xiaomi Miaoxiang multi-screen interaction, the photos on the phone can be cast on the giant screen with one click.

Mi TV Master 82″ Extreme Edition is equipped with 8K Ultra HD screen, Mini LED backlight technology , integrated “Star Screen Sharp Shadow Backlight System Premium Edition”, 2000nits brightness, 960 light control partitions, Sharp shadow light control technology, making each partition It can show 4096 levels of light and dark changes, and the quantum dots have 98% P3 wide color gamut.


The Mi TV Master 82″ Extreme Commemorative Edition is equipped with a high-performance 8K chip that can decode up to 8K 60Hz film sources. It has cooperated with iQiyi to launch an 8K channel and watch 50 8K ultra-high-definition blockbusters online.

The Mi TV Master 82″ Extreme Commemorative Edition is equipped with SR image enhancement technology, which can present low-resolution content with high quality. Equipped with “Sound Wings” sound system, a unique automatic retractable design, equivalent to 2 independent sound bars , 8-unit three-way phase inverted bass enhancement system, bi-amp electronic crossover, perfect restoration of high and middle bass, support Dolby Atmos technology, for the first time equipped with Xiaomi self-developed stereo sound effects to enhance the surround sound field effect.

The Mi TV Master 82″ Extreme Commemorative Edition is equipped with a quad-core high-end 8K chip supporting 5G communication high-speed network, 4GB+256GB storage configuration, Gigabit wired Ethernet port, USB 3.0 high-speed transmission, HDMI 2.1 standard protocol interface, up to 8K 60Hz image quality Input and ALLM automatic low-latency mode, in line with the next generation of game console standards.


Naija Tech News understands that in terms of prices, the Mi TV Master 82″ is priced at 9,999 yuan, and the Mi TV Master 82″ Extreme Commemorative Edition is priced at 49,999 yuan. The former is officially on sale today, and the latter is on sale on October 21.