Mi Wireless Power Bank coming? Xiaomi teases new product launch date

Mi Wireless Power Bank

Xiaomi is well known for its wide range of products and accessories. The company is constantly expanding its portfolio with new products such as Mi Toothbrush, Mi Outdoor speaker, Dual-Driver Wired Earphones and more. Now, it seems that the company will bring a new product to the Indian market. Xiaomi India has teased a new product launch on March 16. It could be the rumored Mi Wireless Power Bank.

Well, the teaser leaves us with no doubt that it’s a wireless power bank. The teaser video posted reads “One less wire to deal with. Mi fans, it’s time to #CutTheCord. All the power you need without any hassle. Guess what this is.” The hashtag suggests that it will be a wireless product and the video also suggests that it has to do something with charging.

We can also remember the fact that the upcoming Mi 10 flagship will be launched in India and it supports wireless charging. So, it’s the perfect opportunity for Xiaomi to prepare a terrain for the flagship series. The new accessory will allow the handset to charge wirelessly in whatever place you are. That said, we need to wait until March 16 to confirm, but we’re 99 percent sure that Xiaomi India will unveil a new Mi Wireless Power bank.

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