Microsoft and SpaceX cooperate to provide satellite cloud services, challenging Amazon

According to reports, will contract with , a space exploration technology company under Elon Musk, to provide -based , thereby challenging the market leader .

According to the report, Microsoft will use SpaceX’s large number of low-orbit satellites and traditional satellites at higher altitudes to help connect and deploy new services.

About three months before this, Microsoft’s competitor Amazon disclosed its space cloud service plan. Amazon said at the time that it would establish an aerospace and satellite solutions department to promote the development of aerospace-related cloud computing business.

Some analysts predict that by the end of 2030, the total revenue of space-related cloud services will reach about $15 billion, at least several times the current level.

Currently, Amazon is the leader in the cloud service market, while Microsoft ranks second. In recent years, the competition between the two companies has been heating up, and this year’s new crown virus epidemic has further intensified the competition, as more and more companies have accelerated their shift to cloud computing. At the same time, military and intelligence agencies are also increasing spending on a series of space projects.

This time, Microsoft’s goal is to create an integrated, secure network that connects various cloud, space, and ground capabilities. For example, the system will integrate and analyze large amounts of data, support missions such as space debris monitoring and missile warning, and help control the orbits of commercial satellites.

Currently, SpaceX is deploying its StarLink network consisting of thousands of high-speed Internet satellites, aiming to provide Internet services worldwide. For this reason, SpaceX has become an ideal partner for Microsoft.

Microsoft also said that in addition to SpaceX, it will also launch the same cooperation with Luxembourg satellite operator SES.