Microsoft Edge browser development version 87.0.664.8: new features such as price comparison

Microsoft yesterday introduced the 87.0.664.8 version of the Edge browser development version to the Dev channel, which is the last version of the v87 main version. This means that the v88 version of the Edge development version will be launched from next week.

In addition to bug fixes, this version also reworked the favorites menu, introduced new e-commerce price comparison functions and features such as PDF data recovery.

The following is a complete list of new features:

The “Favorites” menu is now changed to a dockable pane that lists all favorites in a single vertical list instead of multiple pop-up menus.

Added price comparison function.

A data recovery function has been added to PDF so that the edited content or annotations will not be lost in the event of a crash.

Improved the support for AV1 encoded video. (Please note that you still need to install Windows extensions from here .)

Added keyboard shortcuts to open and close the collection.

If “Sync” is not already turned on, a button has been added to the “Profile” pop-up button to turn on “Sync”.

Added a setting to control whether to display the button for displaying the password on the web page, and the management policy of “Enable password display”. Please note that the documentation and management templates still need to be updated.

Added management policy for “Address Bar Editing Enabled”, but still need to update documents and management templates.

Added management policy for “Enable Web Capture”. Please note that the documentation and management templates still need to be updated.

News and Office new tab pages are merged for work and school users. Please note that it is still possible to set up only Office new tab pages for users through management policies.

Introduce pre-rendered new tabs more widely.

Deprecation of new tab feed type management strategy.

Of course, this version also fixes some program bugs and known problems. The following are issues fixed to improve reliability:

Fixed an issue that caused the browser to crash when navigating to certain websites.

Fixed the problem that “Read aloud” sometimes crashed the browser.

Fixed an issue where “Read aloud” on PDF would sometimes crash the tab. Please note that there is still a known “read aloud” hang, if it hangs for too long, it may cause the label to eventually crash.

Fixed a crash when synchronizing collections.

Fixed an issue where dragging items to “Favorites” would sometimes cause the “Favorites” pane to crash.

Fixed a crash when playing certain videos.

Fixed the issue that some videos could not be played.

Here are the fixes to change the behavior:

Fixed an issue where updating Edge caused the current session to close instead of restoring (if set to restore).

Fixed the issue that users quit Edge after the update.

Fixed an issue that always opened the downloaded PDF in Edge instead of opening in the default PDF viewer.

Fixed the problem that sometimes the favorites list could not be opened.

Fixed an issue where some website permissions could not be removed from “Settings”.

Fixed an issue where items could not be added to the collection from Immersive Reader.

Fixed an issue where Edge disconnected from the monitor in full screen mode sometimes causing Edge to no longer be visible on the remaining monitors.

Fixed an issue where the “Password Monitor” would sometimes report a different number from the number reported in “Settings” in the alert pop-up window.

Fixed an issue where websites fixed on the “Start” menu sometimes did not display the website name.

Fixed an issue where taskbar shortcuts sometimes looked pixelated or rough.

Fixed an issue where Amazon Assistant could not work when Tracking Prevention was enabled.

Fixed the problem that sometimes “Open All” cannot be used.

Fixed the issue that some web forms would be automatically filled in unexpected situations.

Fixed an issue that sometimes detected non-password forms on web pages as passwords.

Solved the problem that Web Capture preview sometimes did not match the selected area or displayed the selected area beyond the window.

Finally, here are some known issues:

Users of certain ad blocking extensions may experience playback errors on YouTube. The workaround is that temporarily disabling the extension should allow playback to continue. For more details.

Some users still encounter a problem, that is, all tabs and extensions immediately crash with a STATUS_INVALID_IMAGE_HASH error. The most common cause of this error is outdated security or antivirus software provided by vendors such as Symantec. In this case, updating the software will fix it.

Kaspersky Internet Suite users who have installed related extensions may sometimes see that web pages such as Gmail cannot be loaded. The failure is because the main Kaspersky software has expired, so it can be resolved by ensuring that the latest version is installed.

After we performed some previous repairs to the area, some users found that their favorites were copied. The most common way to trigger this problem is to install Edge’s stable channel and then log in with the account that you have logged in to Edge before. The deduplication tool can now be used to resolve this issue. However, we also found that before running the deduplicator on multiple computers, any one computer has a chance to fully synchronize its changes, so replication will occur, so while waiting for some of our completed repair work, please make sure to leave There is a lot of time between two runs of the deduplicator.

After initial repairs, some users still experience the Edge window turning black. Open the browser task manager (the keyboard shortcut is shift + esc) and kill the GPU process can usually solve the problem. Please note that this seems to only affect users with certain hardware, and is most easily triggered by adjusting the size of the Edge window. For users with a discrete GPU, updating the graphics driver may help.

When using trackpad gestures or touch screen scrolling, some users see “swing” behavior, where scrolling in one dimension also causes the page to scroll back and forth in another dimension. Please note that this only affects certain websites, and may seem worse on some devices. This is likely to be related to our ongoing work to make scrolling back to the same behavior as Edge Legacy, so if this behavior is undesirable, you can disable the edge: // flags /#edge-experimental-scrolling flag Come to close it temporarily.

There are some issues, users who use multiple audio output devices sometimes cannot get any sound from Edge. In one case, Edge was muted in Windows Volume Mixer, and unmuting can fix it. On the other hand, restarting the browser can fix it.

Naijatechnews knows that this version is the same as usual, users can manually update by opening Edge Settings -> About Microsoft Edge, and it also supports automatic updates in the background.