Microsoft Edge browser will support performance mode

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Microsoft Edge is a popular desktop browser that basically covers all the needs of today’s users. Microsoft is now developing a new “performance mode” feature, which seems to be designed specifically for high-performance users and is expected to improve the gaming experience.

Microsoft brought the sleep tab function last year to reduce the resources occupied by the browser, but this function alone is not enough to improve the overall performance of the system, because some other factors will also affect the memory and CPU usage of Edge on Windows 10.

Naijatechnews learned that Microsoft Edge Canary now has an option to turn on performance mode. described as:

Performance mode can help you optimize speed, response speed, memory, CPU and battery usage. The performance improvement may vary depending on your PC hardware and browser habits.

 Source: Microsoft Community

It is worth mentioning that after enabling “Performance Mode”, the “Sleep Tab” will not be able to be opened, but it seems that this feature can be enabled through the following command line.

Enable - features  =  msPerformanceModeToggle

From the test results, the “performance mode” seems to force a tab to “sleep” when it is idle for five minutes.

Edge Canary 91 version currently only seems to be available to some users, and it is expected to be promoted to the stable version later this year.

Add text to PDF

In addition to the performance mode, Edge Canary now also introduces a very useful function, when you open the PDF, you can not only graffiti but also add text to it.

Similarly, this feature is now also available to some Edge Canary Build 91.0.859.0 users.

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