Microsoft has a secret Windows XP theme that looks a lot like Mac

NTN September 26 news According to The Verge, Microsoft once created a secret Windows XP theme to make the operating system look more like Mac. The recent leaks of the Windows XP source code also exposed some of the early work that Microsoft had done in the development of the operating system and some unpublished topics.

These unreleased themes include a theme labeled “Candy” whose design is very similar to the Apple Aqua interface that was first introduced at Macworld Conference&Expo in 2000. Although the theme is not complete, the “Start” button and various buttons and UI elements of Windows XP are obviously similar to Apple’s Aqua.

Microsoft has never released an Aqua theme for Windows XP, but Windows developers seem to have used themes as placeholders to build the theme engine for Windows XP. The topic is marked as “for internal use only” .

In an era of fierce competition with Apple, Microsoft is developing Windows XP. In the late 1990s, Apple mocked Microsoft with a slogan at its annual developer conference, saying “Redmond, start your copier.” Apple also launched an “Get Mac” advertising campaign for the flaws of Windows (especially Windows Vista).

Naija Tech News learned that in the 1990s, Windows was greatly influenced by the classic Mac OS and later OS X, but Apple also borrowed some of the features of Windows, especially around windows, navigation, control panels, and browsing files and files The functional aspect of the folder.

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