Microsoft Surface Duo mobile phone system update: improved camera quality

The dual-screen Surface Duo launched by Microsoft earlier this year is installed with Android 10. There are reports that the Android 11 update for this machine will be released soon. At the same time, Microsoft has also worked hard on the small software update of the Surface Duo. The November patch is being released for the unlocked version of the machine.

Microsoft is now rolling out the November 2020 security and quality update to Surface Duo, which will fix the camera and system performance.

This is the third update of Surface Duo. According to the update log, Surface Duo has been updated to version 2020.1014.6. The size of the November update is about 140MB.

The biggest problem with Surface Duo may be the camera, which is worse than Microsoft’s own Lumia series. The Surface Duo has a lot of room for improvement in taking pictures.

Naijatechnews understands that when it was first released, the Surface Duo had very poor photo effects, but Microsoft continued to make it better through updates. According to Microsoft, the November 2020 update did not bring new camera features to Surface Duo. , But improved the image quality of the camera . In addition, the November update further improved the startup speed of the camera application, and the speed of taking pictures also felt faster. Other notable areas include improvements to system performance, better animation effects, and system stability. Microsoft has also improved the multitasking performance of applications that span two screens.

The following is the complete update log:

Improved touch stability and device stability.

Allows to quickly move or delete apps when crossing two screens.

November 2020 security patch.

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