Microsoft will force users to use Edge browser to open certain IE websites from next month

According to ZDNet today’s report, starting next month, when users try to access certain websites, they will see that IE refuses to load and automatically jumps to the Edge browser.

This forced IE to automatically jump to Edge is part of Microsoft’s IE deprecation plan.

Since the release of Edge v84 this summer, Microsoft has been gradually testing this feature for some Windows users. But with the release of Edge 87 next month, Microsoft plans to enable mandatory IE-to-Edge operations for all IE users.

According to reports, the core of this new feature is a new DLL file that Microsoft has been silently adding these files to the Edge installation throughout the summer. But the good news is that currently only 1156 websites have enabled IE-to-Edge enforcement.

Experts found that the activation of the feature is related to the dll file named ie_to_edge_bho.dll, which calls the Browser Helper Object (BHO). The BNO file is installed by default in:

C : \Program  Files \Microsoft\Edge\Application\[VERSION ] \BHO\
C : \Program  Files ( x86 ) \Microsoft\Edge\Application\[VERSION ] \BHO\ 

Although the BHO file is hidden in the Edge directory, every time the user tries to open IE, BHO will be loaded through the registry key in IE.

The working principle of this BHO is to monitor the website that the user is trying to visit, whether from a hyperlink or typing a URL in the user’s manual address bar. Whenever a user visits a website, ie_to_edge_bho.dll will check whether the website is in the prescribed IE incompatible website list.

Known affected and well-known websites include, but are not limited to, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, ESPN, Yahoo Mail, Hotstar, Moneygram, etc.

In IE, the DLL will load the following programs, and IE will display the following interface:

▲ Picture source to top net, the same below

Microsoft will force users to use Edge browser to open certain IE websites from next month

It is worth mentioning that because this is a very compulsive behavior, Microsoft will provide corporate customers with related group policies so that they can disable the forced IE-to-Edge behavior. understands that this behavior will only occur on PCs that have both IE and Edge browser installed at the same time , that is, Windows computers that currently have Edge installed.

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