Microsoft Win10 2021 version will support native running Android App

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Windows Latest reported that Microsoft is developing a new project to fill the “application gap” in the Microsoft Store (also known as the Windows Store) by supporting native Android apps.

Naijatechnews is informed that reports on running Android apps natively on Windows 10 can be traced back to 2014, when Microsoft began to explore “Project Astoria” and “Project Islandwood”, the purpose of which is to give developers a way to integrate their Android and iOS The application is brought to the Windows 10 Mobile phone.

In 2015, Microsoft abandoned “Project Astoria” for two reasons: Windows developers were dissatisfied with Microsoft’s approach, and the project involved the “Android subsystem”, which caused the speed of Windows 10 Mobile to slow down over time.

With the Windows 10 Your Phone app, you can stream Android apps to the desktop, but the news says that Microsoft is now developing a new project that allows you to run Android apps natively.

It is unclear how Microsoft plans to implement support for Android applications in Windows 10, but there are reports that Microsoft will allow users to run Android applications natively through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Win10 2021 version will support native running Android App

In theory, developers will be able to publish Android apps in the Microsoft Store, and any user with compatible Windows 10 hardware can install these apps.

Of course, running Android applications on Windows 10 sounds like an ambitious plan, and it will also benefit Windows 10X, because Windows 10X will only run UWP and PWA applications from the Microsoft Store.

According to Zac Bowden, Android applications may land on Windows 10 in the second half of 2021, when the technology giant is expected to launch a new desktop UI environment.

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