Microsoft Win10X will only be pre-installed with new devices: it is expected to be released in 2021

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Windowqs Latest reported that Chrome OS competitor, Microsoft’s new system Windows 10X is expected to debut next year.

A few years ago, Microsoft began to develop a simplified and locked version of the Windows system for economical devices-Windows 10X (formerly known as “Lite OS”) will still be unveiled on the mid-range devices of Microsoft partners early next year.

Windows 10X is based on Windows Core OS and will replace the iconic “Start Menu” with a static application launcher. This will be the first operating system that Microsoft has given up support for live tiles in the Start menu, meaning that you cannot view real-time weather, events, etc. on the new “application launcher”.

Naijatechnews is informed that this modular operating system based on Windows Core OS will also abandon Microsoft’s monochromatic design and adopt colorful icons and buttons. It will bring back rounded corners or soft curved UI. Microsoft will optimize the operating system for economical devices, which can be adapted to devices with only 4GB of memory, and will also be shipped on devices with larger memory.

Microsoft Win10X will only be pre-installed with new devices: it is expected to be released in 2021

Windows 10X is still expected to reach RTM status in the next few weeks, when it is first prepared for OEM manufacturers. Microsoft is still working with manufacturers to optimize the “Universal Windows Driver” for Windows 10X, but the structure of the driver will not change.

Windows 10X will initially only provide a single-screen experience. “Mid-end” devices will begin shipping in the spring of 2021. Win32 desktop applications are temporarily not supported.

Microsoft will allow advanced users or enterprises to use an Internet technology called “Cloud PC” to access their favorite Win32 desktop applications, which will be synchronized with Office 365.

Microsoft sources clarified that Microsoft will not allow users to install the Windows 10X operating system on existing devices. Just like Windows 10 ARM, Chrome OS or iOS, Windows 10X will only ship with new devices. Of course, you can deploy to other devices “unofficially” by manually creating a bootable image.

Internally, Windows 10X is positioned as a direct competitor of Chrome OS, and Microsoft will create new features for the education field.

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