Most Influential Accounts on Instagram in 2022

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Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking platforms in the world. You could even call it one of the most innovative ideas of our era, given that the Meta-owned network is breaking records by gathering a massive 1.386 billion active users.

There’s no doubt that Instagram is the best medium for establishing a solid presence.

Want to become an influencer? Build your personal blog on Instagram.

Want brand exposure? Create a business page on Instagram.

Instagram’s prominence is due to a number of well-known accounts. These profile owners use the popularity and versatility of the social media application to create and expand their presence.

So, let’s look into the most influential accounts on Instagram and collect some ideas for you to develop your account into one.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Well, of course, the list starts with the most followed account of our favorite and one of the best footballers in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo. With a considerable number of 395 million followers, the footballer posts content related to this everyday life, such as posting family pictures, his selfies, and many more.

The world-famous player also posts his brand endorsements on his account.

Being the first Instagram user who was the first person to reach 200 million followers, the rate of the followers is just increasing every day.

2.Kylie Jenner

Is there a list of influential people that doesn’t include Kylie Jenner? The Instagram account of the young billionaire has 306 million followers, and she holds the record for the most-liked Instagram post.

As a young entrepreneur who became a billionaire at the tender age of 21, Kylie Jenner is the perfect example for upcoming small businesses on Instagram marketing. Not only does her account promote  her products, but she also posts her daily photos, thus improving engagement and building a positive impression among her followers.

Aside from personal accounts, Kylie Jenner also has separate accounts for her brand products.

3.National Geographic Travel

Not all of us will get the chance to travel the world and click pictures. But we do have the opportunity to see what the outside world looks like, and that’s thanks to beautiful accounts such as natgeotravel.

As you may have guessed, National Geographic Travel’s Instagram page features photos of flora and fauna as well as other scenic views of the world. There is nothing less exciting on the NatGeo page than the spectacular scenery and a wild environment.

Every post posted on the NatGeo Instagram official page gets more than thousands of likes. The strategy is simple, a quality photo with good editing and captivating captions, and voila, you get the likes.


Gymshark is another example of how to market and sell items to small businesses. Gymshark, a clothing line specializing in selling gym wear apparel, posts their merchandise and a variety of other creative content.

Along with their merchandise, Gymshark offers weight-loss tips and tactics. They frequently post-exercise memes and photographs of their collaborations with well-known influencers.

With quality posts and compelling captions, gymshark is definitely one of the best influential Instagram accounts on Instagram.

5.Humans of New York

Most Influential Accounts on Instagram in 2022

If you are looking for the best Instagram accounts that spread positivity, then you must follow Humans of New York.

This account, created by photojournalist Brandon Stanton, is full of images of random strangers on the streets of New York who share their personal experiences and words of wisdom with us.

Since positivity is a rare thing to find on Instagram, this is well received for its thought-provoking and beautiful content.


Nike is a world-famous manufacturer of sports apparel such as footwear and sportswear. Having immense expertise in a competitive field, Nike never fails to exceed others’ expectations.

Nike, unlike other firms, does not market their products overtly on Instagram. They employ subtle methods to propagate their brand’s message and ideas.

Nike has amassed 197 million Instagram followers by publishing random photos of individuals participating in sports and workouts and adding fascinating remarks.

Also, Nike is adept at sustaining and boosting content engagement.

7.Beautiful Destinations

Are you planning a trip to a more distant location?

Are you wondering where to travel?

Then why not look for some suggestions at Beautiful Destinations.

At the beautiful destination, beautiful pictures of various destinations are posted. Along with the photographs, the location is also tagged along. By posting the location along with the photos, the users will know what place the particular picture is taken from.

This page has about 22.9 million followers.

8.Selena Gomez

The down-to-earth, famous popstar holds one of the best Instagram accounts. Though she is renowned as one of the greatest and most talented pop singers, she also has one of the most followed Instagram follower accounts.

With over 293 million Instagram followers, her account is one of the most popular Instagram accounts out there.

How did her account become so popular? It could be because of her down-to-earth demeanor. Selena Gomez is a relatable celebrity whose posts are straightforward and upbeat. She also motivates her fellow celebrity friends and supports their works.

Her photographs are all mesmerizing. She shares glimpses of behind-the-scenes photos and videos with her fans. Selena Gomez is definitely the most nuanced Instagram account to follow if you’re attempting to establish yourself as an influencer.


The queen herself is next on our list. There are a lot of records on Beyoncé’s Instagram account. In addition to being one of the most popular accounts, it also has the history for the most liked post.

Her Instagram feed, like Beyoncé herself, exudes sophistication. She shares photos of her performances, professional activities, her children, and many other things on her Instagram account. If you want to start a personal blog, this account will undoubtedly provide you with helpful advice.

10.Vogue Magazine

There isn’t a single person on the planet who hasn’t heard the term “vogue.”The fashion magazine’s Instagram account has about 36.5 million followers.

Vogue‘s Instagram account uses photographs and videos to communicate with its followers. Not only does the Vogue magazine account post celebrity photos and endorsements, but it also keeps up with the newest fashion news, such as fashion shows, recent trends, and contemporary designers.

Also, if you are looking for the best captions, you definitely have to see the Vogue posts. Just like how elegant their content is, the captions also resonate with the content and reveal what the content is about in elegant words.

Why is it influential?

Why not? Vogue is regarded as the bible of fashionistas. Vogue media is always a good place to go if you want to learn anything new about the fashion business.

11.Dogs of Instagram

Have you had a long stressful day?

Then why not boost your mood by watching funny and cute dog videos.

However, finding charming videos is a difficult task. It’s for this reason that Instagram pages like Dogs of Instagram exist. They post entertaining and adorable dog videos on their account. You can watch countless videos and pictures of dogs sleeping, eating, and playing in these videos. You can also find interesting and hilarious memes that will help to brighten your day.

12.The Good Quote

The Good Quote page is undeniably the best place to go for upbeat and motivational quotes. The purpose of this page, which was started by Meggan Roxanne, is to encourage peace and positivity among its followers.The Good Quote also maintains consistency. They post their content 7x a week at the right time when the engagement is high.

With the days getting more complicated and tiring, why not take a chill pill with a positive and mind-opening quote.


Cosmopolitan is a monthly fashion and entertainment magazine for women published in the United States. Cosmopolitan, a pioneer in young women’s empowerment, publishes the newest entertainment news, including celebrity gossip, new movie releases, and celebrity interviews.

This account delivers valuable and thought-provoking information to empower women and children, in addition to entertainment news, which explains why this account has millions of followers and hundreds of likes on each of its posts.


The photoshop account is most likely one of the most outstanding examples for aspiring Instagrammers who want to build a page by sharing user-generated content.

The picture editing software behind the stunningly edited and visually appealing photos has an official Instagram account where it showcases the work of independent artists.

The Photoshop account features not only beautiful artwork but also informative how to do videos and tips to get better at using photoshop.

By posting other’s works, Photoshop is not only helping in building exposure for the artists but also is building its exposure as well. Even though Photoshop is the best photo altering software available, it nevertheless prioritizes creating a positive impression among followers.


By looking at the influential accounts on Instagram, new users or people looking forward to building a presence can gain inspiration. We hope this article was helpful for you and helped you create a beautiful and influential account.



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